Did your mother fuck a snowman?

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combine, fuse
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to combine two or more separate things, especially pieces of text, to form a whole
She conflated the three plays to produce a fresh new work.
bredzący(w gorączce), majaczący, oszalały (że szczęścia), bredzić
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unable to think or speak clearly because of fever or mental confusion. extremely happy or excited
be delirious. She had a high temperature and was delirious. The team arrived home to a delirious reception from its fans.
zwerbować, zaciągać się do wojska, zjednywać sobie(członków)
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to join the armed forces. to ask for and get help or support from someone
They both enlisted (in the navy) a year before the war broke out. The organization has enlisted the support of many famous people in raising money to help homeless children. the enlistment of thousands of men into the army
łakomić się na cudze, pragnąc
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to want to have something very much, especially something that belongs to someone else:
She always coveted power but never quite achieved it. The Booker Prize is the most coveted British literary award. Covetousness is condemned as a great sin.
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an image or a model of the penis, especially one representing the power of men to make women pregnant, or a penis:
These primitive peoples are believed to have worshipped the phallus as a symbol of regeneration.
męskość, jurność, sprawność
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male sexual strength or qualities: power or strength
There was no doubting his virility. a country's economic virility
ukośny, skośny, ukryty(aluzja), zawoalowany
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having a sloping direction, angle, or position:(of an angle) either more or less than 90°. Oblique remarks are not direct, so that the real meaning is not immediately clear:
Through the window came the last few oblique rays of evening sunshine. He gave her an oblique glance. She made several oblique references to the current financial situation.
posuwać się wolno
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to move very slowly or in a lot of short stages:
We are inching towards an agreement. Residents watched the flames inch closer and closer.
chować do pochwy, powlekać(szronem), osłaniać czymś
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to put a knife back inside its sheath. to cover something in a thick or protective layer of a substance:
The landscape was sheathed in ice.
niebawem, rychły, wkrótce, blisko
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She must have written nigh on (= nearly but not quite) 50 books. The time is nigh (= it is nearly time) for us to make a decision. The time is nigh (= it is nearly time) for us to make a decision.
szczery, niepozowany, szczerze mówiąc
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honest and telling the truth, especially about something difficult or painful
to be candid. The two presidents have had candid talks about the current crisis. To be candid with you, I think you're making a dreadful mistake.
fetor, ostra woń, cuchnąć, wydzielać dym
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to have a strong unpleasant smell:
Her breath reeked of garlic.
łajno, odchody zwierzęce, nawozić
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solid waste from animals, especially cattle and horses
zrobić coś przed kimś, wyprzedzić kogoś
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beat someone to the punch
to do something before someone else:
I wanted to call with the news, but Steve beat me to it.
gnić, rozkładać się
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to decay, producing a strong, unpleasant smell:
the smell of putrefying flesh The body had putrefied beyond recognition.
wysiadywać jaja, dojrzewać; rozwijać się (choroba)
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When a bird, etc. incubates its eggs, it keeps them warm until the young come out, and when eggs incubate, they develop to the stage at which the young come out
The female bird incubates the eggs for about 16 days.
suchar, suchy żart
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dad joke
poroniony, martwo urodzony, nieskuteczny, niepostępujacy
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If an idea or event is stillborn, it is unsuccessful or does not happen. born dead
It was a stillborn effort. a stillborn baby The child was stillborn.
niezgodnie z tonacją, fałszywy (w muzyce), nienadający za sytuacjia
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If you sing or play music off-key, you produce notes that are slightly higher or lower than they should be.
He was singing off-key, and it was painful to hear.
podstępny, oszukańczy, podstępnie i skrycie
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done secretly, and sometimes dishonestly, in order to achieve an advantage:
What really angered her was the dirty, underhand way they had tricked her.
wskazany, celowy, stosowny
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If something is advisable, it will avoid problems if you do it:
It's advisable to book seats at least a week in advance. A certain amount of caution is advisable at this point.
jednowymiarowy, powierzchowny
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having height or width or length, but not two or all of these
obojętny, nieprzenikliwy, nieprzepuszczalny(materac), odporny l, nieczuły na coś
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not allowing liquid to go through. If someone is impervious to something, they are not influenced or affected by something
impervious to something. How does glue bond with impervious substances like glass and metal? He is impervious to criticism and rational argument.
starożytność, zabytek, antyk
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the distant past (= a long time ago), especially before the sixth century. an object that was created a very long time ago:
Cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes since antiquity. Under Greek law, all antiquities that are discovered in Greece belong to the government.
zdobyć sensacyjny materiał
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get a scoop
This is the scoop that will get me promoted.
należący do ssaków
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relating to mammals (= animals whose female feeds her young on milk from her own body):
mammalian evolution mammalian species
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the quality of having or showing a strong wish to take things for yourself, usually using unfair methods or force:
The rapaciousness of the regime has not changed. He was conscious of the rapaciousness of his own father's practices.
niedostateczny, ograniczony (np. wzrost), znikomy, PRAWIE PEŁEN, niepełny, brakować
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Add a scant spoon of sugar. We paid scant attention to him. I was scant of breath.
mężny, męski
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having the qualities that people think a man should have:
exceedingly manly. He has such a manly voice. My mother used to tell me it wasn't manly for little boys to cry.
niezmiernie, nadzwyczaj
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to a very great degree:
He was clever, handsome, and exceedingly rich.
zawiesić, przerwać, odkładać, odroczyć (spotkanie, posiedzenie)
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to have a pause or rest during a formal meeting or trial:
The meeting was adjourned until Tuesday. Shall we adjourn for lunch? The defence attorney requested an adjournment. The court's adjournment means that a decision will not be reached until December at the earliest.
oblewać, oblać, zgasić (ogień)
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to stop a fire or light from burning or shining, especially by putting water on it or by covering it with something. to make something or someone wet by throwing a lot of liquid over it, him, or her
We watched as demonstrators doused a car in/with petrol and set it alight.
popić, zapijać, zmyć, spłukać
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wash down
to clean a large object or surface with a liquid: to eat food or swallow medicine with a drink that helps or improves it:
Supper was fresh salmon and vegetables, washed down with a bottle of white wine. He washed the car down with soapy water.
być na wolności
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be on the loose
A dangerous criminal is on the loose.
wskaźnik, wskazówka,
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let me give you a pointer here
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in the past, a wooden frame that was fixed around someone's feet, hands, and sometimes head, so that they were forced to sit or stand for a long time in public as a punishment
uprzejmy, przyjazny
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friendly and easy to talk to
He struck me as an affable sort of a man. She was quite affable at the meeting.
zaćmić, przyćmić
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to be much more skilful and successful than someone:
Ben Palmer easily outshone his rivals in the 200 metre freestyle.
niezłomny, nieugięty, niezachwiany, pewny i wierny
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staying the same for a long time and not changing quickly or unexpectedly:
a steadfast friend/ally steadfast loyalty The group remained steadfast in its support for the new system, even when it was criticized in the newspapers.
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never moving or looking away from something:
She met his unwavering stare.
ogromny(postęp), daleko idący, ogólny i ogólnikowy, zamaszysty, głęboki (ukłon)
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affecting many things or people; large. something that you say or write that is too general and that has not been carefully thought about:
It is obvious that sweeping changes are needed in the legal system. We need to make sweeping cuts to our budget. Sweeping generalizations about this complex and difficult situation are not helpful.
chlać, chlanie, szybkie pochłanianie, gorzała
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to drink quickly, eagerly, and usually in large amounts: to use large amounts of petrol very quickly
He guzzled his beer and ordered another. The car guzzles a gallon of gas every 15 miles.
pomagać w przestępstwie, podżegać do czegoś, przestępstwo
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to help or encourage someone to do something wrong or illegal
His accountant had aided and abetted him in the fraud.
dedykować, wnioskować
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to reach an answer or a decision by thinking carefully about the known facts:
We cannot deduce very much from these figures. The police have deduced that he must have left his apartment yesterday evening.
smutny, zmartwiony, przybity
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often worried or unhappy, especially about personal problems:
an angsty teenage boy
Kara chłosty
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the act of hitting someone with a stick as a punishment:
He never forgot the humiliation he felt at his first school caning. His father believed in strict discipline, including caning.
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an animal, such as a frog, that lives both on land and in water but must produce its eggs in water
godowy, łączenie się w pary
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a bird's covering of feathers:
Male peacocks have beautiful plumage.
patrolowanie, nadzorowanie porządku
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the job of controlling or guarding a public event or area using members of the police or a similar force:
The policing of demonstrations will be far tougher than two months ago. The new Bill will tighten up the policing of pension funds.
drzemiący, uśpiony
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Something that is dormant is not active or growing but has the ability to be active at a later time: If something lies dormant, it is not active:
The long-dormant volcano has recently shown signs of erupting. These investments have remained dormant for several years. Her talent might have lain dormant had it not been for her aunt's encouragement.
przedkładanie jednej rzeczy nad drugą, pierwszeństwo
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the fact that you like something or someone more than another thing or person:
The driver has preference. We give preference to those who have worked with us for a long time.
licencjat, magister
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bachelor, master's
bachelor of arts
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an adult female horse
you were the mare of the stallion and I rode you at the race
ogier, pasterz kóz
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stallion, goatherd
an adult male horse that is used for breeding
szczupak, włócznia, pika, dzida
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He saw head impaled on pikes. I caught a pike today
włóczęga, włóczyć się, wędrowny (plemię)
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a person who has no home and usually no job, and who travels from place to place
They live a vagabond life/existence, travelling around in a caravan.
skurczyć się, zarazić się, zawierać umowę
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to make or become shorter or narrower or generally smaller in size:
Metal contracts when the temperature drops. In spoken English, "do not" often contracts to "don't". He contracted malaria while he was travelling. Agricultural output has contracted by 2.3 percent. contract a deal
skłaniam się ku
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I'm leaning toward
To zdzierstwo
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That's a rip-off
pęcherz moczowy
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an organ like a bag inside the body of a person or animal, where urine is stored before it leaves the body:
to empty your bladder (= urinate)
podjąć próbę zrobienia czegoś
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take/have a stab at sth
wystawać, wcinać się (balkon), wznosić się(góra)
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to (cause to) stick out, especially above or past the edge or surface of something:
He jutted his chin/jaw (out) defiantly.
pośliznąć się, pełznąc (wąż), ślizgać się
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(of bodies) to move easily and quickly across a surface while twisting or curving
She watched the snake slither away.
arogancki, zarozumiały
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A person who is presumptuous shows little respect for others by doing things they have no right to do
It would be presumptuous of me to comment on the matter.
waga, znaczenie, dźwigać, nosić, ważyć
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to lift, hold, or carry something heavy using your hands:
I watched him heft the heavy sack onto his shoulder. Despite their considerable heft, buffalo are agile creatures.
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fiasko, marnieć
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The fire fizzled miserably in the rain.
sztuczka, chwyt(reklamowy), zastosować chwyt
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something that is not serious or of real value that is used to attract people's attention or interest temporarily, especially to make them buy something
a publicity gimmick They give away free gifts with children's meals as a sales/marketing gimmick.
uległy, zgodny z zasadami
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willing to do what other people want you to do
a compliant child
ssak naczelny
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a member of the most developed and intelligent group of mammals, including humans, monkeys, and apes
elegancki, wytworny,
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A dapper man is dressed in a fashionable and tidy way
Hercule Poirot is the dapper detective of the Agatha Christie novels.
nieoczekiwany przypływ gotówki, uśmiech szczęścia (gratka), przedwcześnie strącony owoc
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an amount of money that you win or receive from someone unexpectedly: a piece of fruit blown down from a tree
Investors each received a windfall of £3,000. I tend to leave the windfalls for the birds to pick at.
pomysłowy, przebiegły
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clever and skilful, especially in getting what you want:
He has shown himself to be an artful politician. The prime minister dealt with the interviewer's questions in a very artful way.
sterylizować, kastrować
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neuter, doctor
to remove part of an animal's sexual organs, so that it cannot produce young animals: to prevent reproduction
Has your dog been neutered?
reputacja, renoma, być uważanym
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a bad, good, etc. reputation:
a place of ill repute. The music is reputed to be very good, the miniatures are fanciful
dziwaczny, wymyślny, udziwniony
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not likely to succeed or happen in the real world:
He has some fanciful notion about converting one room of his apartment into a gallery.
predylekcja, zamiłowanie, upodobanie
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If someone has a predilection for something, they like it a lot:
Ever since she was a child, she has had a predilection for spicy food.
niewłaściwy, nieodpowiedni, w złym guście
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behaving badly or rudely
opryskliwy, szorstki(głos)
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(of a person's voice) low and unfriendly, or (of a person's behaviour) unfriendly or showing no patience:
Yeah, so what?" came the gruff reply. He's quite a sweet man beneath the gruff exterior.
chrapliwy, szorstki głos
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a rough unpleasant noise, like metal being rubbed against metal
There was the rasp of a bolt and the door suddenly opened.
żuraw, dźwig (ptak)
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a tall metal structure with a long horizontal part, used for lifting and moving heavy objects:
The crane lifted the container off the ship.
dojrzewający płciowo
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A pubescent child is at the stage in life when they are developing from a child into an adult and becoming able to have children:
pubescent girls/boys
zezłościć się
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rile up
angry because of something someone has done or said:
He is still too easily riled by the words and deeds of others. The general public gets riled up by so many motorists parking for free.
miejsce zakotwiczenia, punkt oparcia,
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a place where something is fastened firmly. a place where a boat is or can be anchored
rear seat belt anchorage points
osad (na dnie płynu)
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a soft substance that is like a wet powder and consists of very small pieces of a solid material that have fallen to the bottom of a liquid:
There was a brown sediment in the bottom of the bottle.
ruchome piaski
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quicksand, shifting sands
deep wet sand that sucks in anyone trying to walk across it, or an area of sand like this: a situation, especially one that is unpleasant to deal with, that is very difficult for someone to get out of:
It took 50 rescuers two hours to free a runner who got stuck in quicksand. The country had managed to extract itself from the quicksand at last.
kapka, mała część, nieco, trochę, chłopiec
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The fish was OK, but the chips were a tad greasy.
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a person you trust and share your feelings and secrets with:
a close confidant
podłoże, substrat językowy
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a substance or surface that an organism grows and lives on and is supported by
mogącym zostać zaakceptowanym, wybaczonym
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To overlook, forgive, or disregard (an offense) without protest or censure.
The government condoned the computer hacking among rival corporations.
bratni / braterski
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system komunikacji, który powstał poprzez pomieszanie dwóch języków, łamany język obcy (np. łamana angielszczyzna)
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a language that has developed from a mixture of two languages. It is used as a way of communicating by people who do not speak each other's languages
He come here?" he asked in pidgin English.
cios prosty, dźgnięcie, zastrzyk podskórny
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to push or hit something forcefully and quickly, often with a thin or sharp object. to make quick forceful hits with your fist (= closed hand) when boxing
The doctor jabbed the needle into the dog's leg. Watch out! You nearly jabbed me in the eye with your umbrella! He jabbed the ball into the net in the final minute of the game.
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zdusić, stłumić
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He was stifled by the smoke.
okładać pięściami
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to hit someone or something repeatedly, especially with your fists (= closed hands. to defeat someone easily at a sport:
The boxer had pummelled his opponent into submission by the end of the fourth round. They were pummelled in the second round.
towary, artykuły tego samego typu, rodzaju;
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used, often in shops, to refer to objects of the same material or type, especially things used in cooking and serving food:
tableware the kitchenware department
skamieniały, osłupiały, przerażony
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ogólnie przyjęta zasada
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the drill
yada, yada... you know the drill
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drone(UAV- unmanned aerial vehicle)
an aircraft without a pilot that is controlled by someone on the ground, used especially as a hobby
przejść do rzeczy
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cut to the chase
(comes from film vocabulary) to skip some boring information and start to talk about something exciting
I didn't have long to talk so I cut to the chase and asked whether he was still married.
szkic, rysunek czegoś, opis, zarys, wizja
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the action of describing or marking the edge of something:
This is the delineation of our course.
przewijanie do przodu, przeskoczyć do przodu, przeskok
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If you fast-forward a recording, or if it fast-forwards, you make it play at very high speed so that you get to the end or a later part more quickly:
fast-forward to something. I hate this song - I'll fast-forward to the next one. The tape jammed while I was fast-forwarding it.
dożywocie, dożywocie
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life imprisonment, life sentence
He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Your son could face life imprisonment.
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wanna z hydromasażem
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whirlpool bath
forma, foremka, formować, uformować, odlewać (np. z gliny, z ciasta, z brązu, odlew
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a hollow container with a particular shape into which soft or liquid substances are poured, so that when the substance becomes hard it takes the shape of the container:
a cake/jelly mould. This plastic is going to be moulded into plates. The children moulded little pots out of/from (= made them by shaping) clay.
uzyskiwać, wydobywać, wykorzystywać, zdobywać (
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to get or make use of something
Our company taps natural resources. For more than a century, Eastern cities have expanded their water supplies by tapping ever more remote sources. There is a rich vein of literary talent here just waiting to be tapped by publishers.
zrehabilitować, przywrócić zdrowie, poprawić opinię, resocjalizować więźnia, przywracać do dobrego stanu
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to return someone to a good, healthy, or normal life or condition after they have been in prison, been very ill, etc. to return something to a good condition:
We need to replace or rehabilitate the bridge. The prison service should try to rehabilitate prisoners so that they can lead normal lives when they leave prison. Physiotherapy is part of rehabilitating accident victims.
bessa, zastój (w gospodarce), kryzys (ekonomiczny), osunąć się, gwałtownie spaść
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(of prices, values, or sales) to fall suddenly. a period when an industry or the economy is in a bad state and there is a lot of unemployment:
The value of property has slumped. Car sales have slumped dramatically over the past year. She slumped into the chair, exhausted. an economic slump The airline industry is currently in a slump.
reklama, przerywnik
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I watched a plug and I changed the channel
nadwyrężać, męczyć (wzrok), natężać wzrok, nadstawiać uszu, robić coś z wysiłkiem
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Working at a computer strains your eyes. He strained his ears to hear her whisper. He was straining to speak. He strained his muscles to show off. Strain the pasta if it is cooked.
ząb(od widelca), odnoga(poroża)
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one of two or more long, sharp points on an object, especially a fork
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Brackish water is salty, dirty, and unpleasant.
okrucieństwo, dzikość, ostrość
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the dogs fought with great ferocity
mózgowy, wymagający wysiłku Intelektualnego, intelektualny
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demanding or involving careful thinking and mental effort rather than feelings. intelligent and serious, and enjoying serious thought rather than emotion
She makes cerebral films that deal with important social issues. Chess is cerebral; video games are visceral. His problem wasn't his policies; it was his personality. He was simply too cerebral and too out of touch with Middle America.
szał, siać zniszczenie
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to go through an area making a lot of noise and causing damage
The demonstrators rampaged through the town, smashing windows and setting fire to cars.
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to burn and become black or to burn something so that it becomes black:
Grill the peppers until the skin starts to char.
kaprysy, dziwactwa
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unexpected events or changes that cannot be controlled and can influence a situation:
The success of the event will be determined by the vagaries of the weather. She had her own style and was not influenced by the vagaries of fashion.
zastosowanie się, podporządkowanie się, uległość, zgodność
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the act of obeying an order, rule, or request. the state of being too willing to do what other people want you to do:
It is the job of the inspectors to enforce compliance with the regulations. The company said that it had always acted in compliance with environmental laws. It's his compliance that amazes me.
niebezpiecznie, ryzykownie
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zawiązywać oczy, z zawiązanymi oczami, po omacku
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used to say someone's eyes are covered to stop them from seeing:
The researchers tested 10 sighted, blindfolded volunteers. I've been there so often I could probably drive there blindfolded. I've been there so often I could probably drive there blindfolded.
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a substance smoked in cigarettes, pipes, etc. that is prepared from the dried leaves of a particular plant
28 percent of people thought that the advertising of tobacco (= tobacco and products made from it, such as cigarettes) and alcohol should be banned. He works at a tobacco plantation.
haft, haftowanie, upiększenie historii
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patterns or pictures that consist of stitches sewn directly onto cloth: the activity of decorating a piece of cloth with stitches sewn onto it:
Let me show you Pat's embroideries. It was a beautiful piece of embroidery. I'm not very good at embroidery
węszyć, wścibiać się, wtrącać nos; wyważyć, podważyć
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pry; prise
to try to find out private facts about a person: to move or lift something by pressing a tool against a fixed point. to move or lift something by pressing a tool against a fixed point
As a reporter, I was paid to pry into other people's lives. I hope you don't think I'm prying, but has your boyfriend ever lived with anyone before? The car trunk had been pried open and all her equipment was gone.
unikać, wystrzegać się, trzymać się z dala od
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to avoid something
She has shunned publicity since she retired from acting.
niepłodna, sterylna, jałowy
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infertile, sterile
An infertile person, animal, or plant cannot have babies, produce young, or produce new plants: Infertile land or soil is not good enough for plants or crops to grow well there: having no imagination, new ideas, or energy:
It has been estimated that one in eight couples is infertile. Poor farmers have little choice but to try to grow food in this infertile soil. One of the side effects of the drug could be to make men sterile. a sterile argument
obowiązkowy, wart uwagi
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An unmissable film, play, etc. is so good that it must be seen:
Critics are describing the musical as "unmissable".
drobiazgowy, skrupulatny, wybredny, wymagający
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the fact of giving too much attention to small details and wanting everything to be correct and perfect: having a strong dislike of anything dirty or unpleasant:
The fastidiousness of the inhabitants can be seen in the neat log-piles beside every front door. He is very fastidious about how a suitcase should be packed. They were too fastidious to eat in a fast-food restaurant.
prawdziwki, borowik szlachetny
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a type of wild mushroom, used in cooking
normalny/ulgowy bilet
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full fare/half fare
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RV(recreational vehicle)
niesamowity, niezwykły
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extremely surprising or good informal humorous
The food was amazeballs.

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