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blow (sth) up
"The terrorists wanted to blow up the hotel. The terrorists wanted to blow the hotel up."
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bring (sth) about
"What you did can bring about serious consequences. What you did can bring serious consequences about."
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bring (sb) up
"Monica brings up her children alone. Monica brings her children up alone."
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cali (sth) off
"It was raining so they called off the match. It was raining so they called the match off."
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carry (sth) out
"Doctor Jones is carrying out the operation. Doctor Jones is carrying the operation out."
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przeprowadzać, wykonywać
cover (sth) up
"The White House wanted to cover up the scandal. The White House wanted to cover the scandal up."
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ukryć, zatuszować
figure (sth) out
"I can't figure out the rules of this game. I can't figure the rules of this game out."
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get (sth) across
"They found it difficult to get across the message. They found it difficult to get the message across."
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przekazać, wytłumaczyć
give (sth) away
"Jim will probably give away his old furniture. Jim will probably give his old furniture away."
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give (sth) away
"My best friend gave away all my secrets. My best friend gave al/ my secrets away."
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zdradzić (np. sekret)
give (sth) up
"She gave up her job because she couldn't stand her boss. She gave her job up because she couldn't stand her boss."
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rzucić coś, zaprzestać coś robić
hand (sth) in
"Ralph has just decided to hand in his resignation. Ralph has just decided to hand his resignation in."
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hand (sth) over
"Tiffany handed over the phone to me. Tiffany handed the phone over to me."
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hold (sth) back
"She just couldn't hold back her tears. She just couldn't hold her tears back."
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lay (sb) off
"Our boss was forced to lay off some employees. Our boss was forced to lay some employees off."
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zwolnić (z pracy)
let (sb) down
"Mike let down his parents as he didn't go to university. Mike let his parents down as he didn't go to university."
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look (sth) up
"Juan usually boks up new English words in a dictionary. Juan usually looks new English words up in a dictionary."
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mess (sth) up
"Please don't mess up my plan! Please don't mess my piens up!"
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pay (sth) off
"We are still paying off the loan. We are still paying the loan off."
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pick (sb) up
"What time do you want me to pick up Anna from the airport? What time do you want me to pick Anna up from the airport?"
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odbierać (ze stacji, szkoły itp.)
put (sth) aside
"I put aside $10 for a new bike every month. I put $10 aside for a new bike every month."
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odkładać pieniądze (na jakiś cel)
put (sth) forward
"Roger is going to put forward his plan during the meeting. Roger is going to put his plan forward during the meeting."
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put (sth) off
"They've put off the meeting until tomorrow. They've put the meeting off until tomorrow."
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odkładać coś w czasie
put (sth) on
"When I come back from work, I always put on my tracksuit. When I come back from work, I always put my tracksuit on."
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put (sth) together
"I'm trying to put together my computer after I took it apart. I'm trying to put my computer together after I took it apart."
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złożyć, zmontować
see (sb) off
"Liz went to the railway station to see off her boyfriend. Liz went to the railway station to see her boyfriend off."
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set (sth) up
"In 1976 he set up his own company. In 1976 he set his own company up."
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zakładać (np. biznes)
sort (sth) out
"It won't be easy to sort out all my problems. It won't be easy to sort all my problems out."
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rozwiązać (np. problem)
switch/turn (sth) off
"Can you turn/switch off your mobile phones, please? Can you turn/switch your mobile phones off, please?"
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switch/turn (sth) on
"Luke turned/switched on his computer and checked his mailbox. Luke turned/switched his computer on and checked his mailbox."
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take (sth) apart
"Can you take apart this gadget? Can you take this gadget apart?"
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rozłożyć, rozebrać na części
take (sth) in
"Is it difficult to take in all this information? Is it difficult to take all this information in?"
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pojąć, przyswajać
take (stli) off
"You should take off your coat - it's hot. You should take your coat off- it's hot."
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take (sb) on
"They are going to take on new staff. They are going to take new staff on."
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take (sth) over
"My boss's son is going to take over the company next year. My boss 's son is going to take the company over next year."
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take (sth) up
"I've decided to take up yoga. I've decided to take yoga up."
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zająć się czymś, zainteresować się czymś
try (sth) on
"Can I try on this jacket? Can I try this jacket on?"
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turn (sb/sth) down
"John turned down our invitation. John turned our invitation down."
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work (sth) out
"I haven't worked out the plan yet. I haven't worked the plan out yet."
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obmyślać, opracowywać

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