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break out of sth
He broke out of prison last night
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uciec (z więzienia)
catch up on sth
What do you think is an effective method of catching up on school work after you have been ill?
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nadrobienia czegoś
Jak myślisz, co jest skuteczną metodą nadrabiania zaległości w szkole po tym, jak chorujesz?
come down with sh
Ron's come down with flu
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zachorować na
come in for sth
The goverment came if for lots of criticism.
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spotkać się z np. krytyką
Come up with sth
They still haven't come up with a name for the baby.
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Wymyślić znaleźć
drop out of sth
Do you know anyone who has dropped out of school?
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rzucić np szkołe
fall behind with sth
Do you feel stressed when you fall behind with school work?
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mieć zaległości w
fall out with sb
I hate falling out with my husband.
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poklocic sie z kims
get along/on with sb
Ralph gets on/along with all his colleagues.
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dogadywać się, mieć dobre stosunki
get away with sth
Matt broke a window in his classroom, but he somehow got away with it
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uchodzić na sucho
get on with
Stop talking and get on with your work
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get round to sth
I have been meaning to clear up that mess all day but I haven't got round to it yet
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zabierać się do
keep up with sb/sth
Mark couldn't keep up with the rest of the players.
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dotrzymać kroku
look back on sth
She sometimes looks back on the relationship she has had
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wracać pamięcią do
look down on sb
Julliet looks down on people who don't have university education.
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patrzeć na kogoś z góry
Look forward to sth
I'm really looking forward to going to Japan
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oczekiwać z niecierpliwością
look up to sb
Kate has always looked up to her mother.
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make up for sth
His sense of humour makes up for his stubbornness
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kompensować, wynagradzać
Jego poczucie humoru kompensuje jego upór
put up with sb/sth
I can't put up with that noise any more.
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Run out of sth
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zużyć, wyczerpać
stand up for sth
Why did not stand up for me?
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wstać do czegoś
give out
Their food supplies have given out, so I think they will release the hostage
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wyczerpać się, rozdać

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