Czasowniki frazowe bez dopełnienia

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break down
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psuć się/załamywać się
break out
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carry on
Carry on, please. I'm listening
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come round
Her mother lost consciousness and has't come round yet
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odzyskać przytomność
come round
Paul is coming round to my house for tea.
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przychodzić (w odwiedziny)
Die out
Some spiecies will die out due to climate change
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get by
He only earns just enough to get by
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give in
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poddać się
go down
The number of people getting married is going down.
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zatonąć/obniżać się/spadać
go off
The fire alarm went off during my History class
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wybuchać/włączać się
go out
All the lights went out.
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lie down
I feel dizzy - I must lie down
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leżeć / położyć się
make off
The burglars made off with goods worth 1000$
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nod off / fall asleep
The lecture was so boring that several students nodded off
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ukłuć się / zasnąć
pass out
Jenny suddenly felt dizzy and passed out.
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set off
We'd better set off now before it gets dark
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stand out
Morris stands out as the most experienced candidate.
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wyróżniać się
Stay in
Monica wants to stay in and relax on the sofa.
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zostać w domu
step down
After the protest the mayor decided to step down
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ustępować ze stanowiska
turn out
it turned out that we had missed the train.
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okazać się
turn up
Danny turned up late as usual.
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pojawiać się

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