company law 2

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término definición
stock exchange
is a market where anyone can buy stocks and shares
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giełda papierów wartościowych
a large company or group of companies
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private company
they are not allowed to sell their stocks or shares on an open market (usually have "limited" or "ltd" at the end of their name)
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spółki prywatne, firmy prywatne
public limited companies(PLCs)
their shares are publicly traded on the stock exchange (these companies have "plc" at the end of their name)
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publiczna spółka zoo (w UK)
SEC-registered companies
is a company registered with the SEC, also known as listed companies, (the US equivalent of a PLC)
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publiczna spółka zoo (w USA)
listed company
a company whose shares can be traded on a country's main stock market
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firma notowana na giełdzie (w USA)
quoted company
a company whose shares are traded on a stock exchange
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firma notowana na giełdzie (w UK)
quarterly reports
they report on: 1) sales revenue or turnover 2) gross profit 3) net profit (in UK)
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sprawozdanie kwartalne
sales revenue or turnover
the money received by the company in that period from selling goods or services
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przychód ze sprzedaży lub obrót
gross profit
turnover less cost of sales
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zysk brutto
net profit
gross profit less administratative expenses and tax
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zysk netto
interim report
a half-yearly report which informs shareholders about the company's progress (in USA)
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sprawozdanie tymczasowe, wstępne
annual report
this contains a review of the year's activity, and examination and explanation of the company's financial position and results
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sprawozdanie roczne
behaviour by someone in a position of responsibility that is morally wrong or breaks the rules while doing their job
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źle prowadzić, działać na czyjąś szkodę
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
a general meeting of all the members of a company to deal with important subjects which cannot wait until the next annual generalmeeting
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nadzwyczajne zgromadzenie akcjonariuszy
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
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amerykańska komisja papierów wartościowych i giełd
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odbywać, przeprowadzać (np. spotkania)
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prosić, żądać
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utrzymywać, twierdzić
carry out
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przepis zewnętrzny, regulamin, statut
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