BBC Learning English: The English We Speek: LA-LA LAND

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[uncountable] (informal, disapproving) if you say that somebody is living in ~, you mean that they do not understand what a situation is really like, but think it is much better than it is
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la-la land (AmEn)/cloud cuckoo land (BrEn)
la-la land word origin
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la-la, reduplication of LA (i.e. Los Angeles)
the informal name for Los Angeles
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la-la land
Czy kiedykolwiek byłeś w Los Angeles?
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Have you ever been to la-la land?
oderwany od rzeczywistości
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out of touch with reality
nie być z kimś w kontakcie; to no longer communicate with somebody, so that you no longer know what is happening to them
Nie mieliśmy ze sobą kontaktu od kilku lat
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be out of touch (with somebody)
We’ve been out of touch for a couple of years.
Czy nie sądzisz, że mógłbyś mi pomóc.
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I don't suppose you could help me.
Gdzie jedziesz na wakacje tym razem?
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Where are you off on holiday this time?

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