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término definición
szczenię, młokos, oszczenic się
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a puppy (= young dog)
tania knajpa, melina(slang), więzienie, rozczłonkować, kawał mięcha
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a bar or restaurant that serves food and drink at low prices:
I jointed the chicken and put it in the freezer. The butcher jointed the pig. We had lunch at a hamburger joint and then went to see a movie. He owned several bars in the city and ran an illegal gambling joint. Fry four chicken joints in a pan
rodzina królewska, królewskość, tantiemy. członek rodziny królewskiej
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money that is paid to authors for doing creative work e.g. a writing a song, producing a programme on TV;
I bet he earns a lot in royalties. He is a royalty. He is a royalty
połączyć ze sobą (urządzenia elektryczne), spiknąć się bzyknąć, przygodowy seks
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hook up
Can you help me hook my printer to the laptop?
początek, pierwsza zasada, zalążek,
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the simplest and most basic facts about a subject or activity:
It only took me an hour to learn/pick up the rudiments of skiing.
walka o dominację, kontrolę przeciąganie liny
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tug of war
młócić zboże, chłostać, bić
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thresh, threshing
to remove the seeds of crop plants by hitting them, using either a machine or a hand tool
The kernel is loosely covered and it can be easily threshed.
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a factory or machine in which metal is smelted
The company has three copper mines and a smelter in Arizona.
iskierka nadziei, jasna strona
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silver lining
an advantage that comes from a difficult or unpleasant situation:
When things look black, there's always a silver lining. The injury had a silver lining: it enabled Blake to spend his father's last weeks with him.
oczywisty, zrozumiały samo przez się
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explaining itself, clear, very easy to understand
it goes without saying
zapowiedź(nowych trendów), wodzirej owiec, przodujący (przewodnik)
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someone or something that shows how a situation will develop or change:
The report is viewed as a bellwether for economic trends. an indicator of trends. How Kansas became a bellwether for abortion rights
zużywać, poświęcać (czas, energię, pieniądze)
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to use or spend time, effort, or money:
I did not expend all these resources only to see my profits shrink. I expended a lot of my time to reach this conclusion. You expend so much effort for so little return. Governments expend a lot of resources on war.
przytyk, cięta uwaga
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thrust, barb
She made a little dig at Jordan about his weight
brzęczeć (np. owad) warkot, truteń
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a low continuous noise that does not change its note: an aircraft without a pilot that is controlled by someone on the ground, used especially as a hobby. a male bee
the drone of an engine Outside the tent I could hear the constant drone of insects. An airplane droned in the background
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fatten up
feed up
My grandma likes to fatten me up.
od końca do końca, pełny
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from the very beginning of a process to the very end:
We offer our clients end-to-end solutions covering all aspects from design, to manufacture to packaging. He admitted to not providing wounded troops with the end-to-end care they deserve.
zajmować się (stroną internetową), organizować (wystawę), wikariusz w kościele anglikańskiego
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an exhibit curated by the museum's director
zbiorowy, dotyczący spółki
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of or shared by a whole group and not just of a single member. relating to a large company
Can we change the subject to a corporate one? This party is our corporate effort. I have an important corporate meeting tomorrow.
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suckling pig
piglet, young boar
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a dish made by cooking meat, vegetables, or other foods in liquid inside a heavy container at low heat, or the heavy, deep container with a lid used in cooking such dishes:
lamb casserole
Kot w butach
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puss in boots
urząd skarbowy
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Inland Revenue
tax office
Internal Revenue Service. I need to send these documents to the revenue by the end of the week.
niech mnie diabli
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I'll be blowed
"wykształdzony" (ironicznie o osobie, która popełnia proste literówki lub błędy gramatyczne i językowe)
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I don't need no edumacation!
kronika filmowa
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a short film that consists of news reports, usually one that was made in the past for showing in a cinema:
The movie contains some recently discovered newsreel footage of the war.
drumla, harfa szczękowa
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jaw harp
natrysk, obmywać, przepłukiwać, irygować
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Is it hard being such a douchebag all the time? doucheface. Conversations end after one person calls the other a douchebag.
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annuity, benefit
a fixed amount of money paid to someone every year, usually until their death, or the insurance agreement or investment that provides the money that is paid
She receives a small annuity. disability benefit
trudna sytuacja ekonomiczna, surowość, prostota
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the condition of living without unnecessary things and without comfort, with limited money or goods, or a practice, habit, or experience that is typical of this:
the wartime austerity of my early years prepared me for later hardships. the austerities of life in a small rural community were not what i was used to. People protested in the streets against austerity. the austerity of her short hair and plain grey suit
dryblować, kozłować, kapać (o wodzie, jak sikasz)
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to (cause a liquid to) flow very slowly in small amounts: drip/ trickle down
The water was barely dribbling out of the tap. Dribble the remaining olive oil over the tomatoes. Babies dribble constantly. He dribbled the ball and then shot. There was dribble all over her chin. a dribble of saliva
skontaktować się z kimś, dać znać
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hit somebody up
I'll finish work and I'll hit you up.
zaciskać, ściągać (usta)
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PURSE tighten, pull (lips)
I think she didn't like my offer because she pursed her lips
połączyć dwie rzeczy, potęgować, powiększać, zwiększać, pogarszać
v, ale zazwyczaj n lub adj
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to mix two things together
Most tyres are made of rubber compounded with other chemicals and materials. Severe drought has compounded food shortages in the region.
plaga(nękające problemy, nie koniecznie choroba), zaraza (szczególnie roślin), niweczyć, niszczyć
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something that impairs or destroys. a deteriorated condition. a disease or injury of plants marked by the formation of lesions, withering, and death of parts
the city's spreading urban blight the expanding urban sprawl is a blight on the countryside. Builders blighted the land with malls and parking lots.
przypuszczenie. domysł
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hypothesis, proposition, theory, thesis
Her decision was made on the supposition that we would all agree. This is just idle supposition.
ballada; niedoświadczony, bez kwalifikacji, laicki
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I will sing you a romantic lay. I wrote a lay. Can I read it to you? My lay knowledge doesn't allow me to discuss this topic.y
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pull through
to become well again after a serious illness, especially when you might have died:
They said the operation had been successful and they expected his wife to pull through.
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navy blue
I painted my nails navy blue.
gra w klasy
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The kids are playing hopscotch.
gablotka, witryna
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glass case
a showcase
GŁÓWNA ATRAKCJA, punkt kulminacyjny, gwóźdź programu
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Meeting his parents was the highlight of the evening. We would put on a play, which was the highlight of the church year.
przejście, zmiana; przechodzić przemianę, przekształcić się
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The school transitioned from an elementary school to a middle school. That year, as I recall, was marked chiefly by my transition from the High School to the University.
umniejszać coś, bagatelizować coś
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play down
deprecate. być przeciw (czemuś), dezaprobować
Stop playing my problems down, I'm in pain. I deprecate such a course of action
zyskać uznanie, popularność
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gain currency
to become more commonly known or accepted
Two ideas for constructing a tax reduction have been gaining currency in internal debates.
zajęcie, praca, pasja, hobby(oficjalnie)
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an activity that one engages in as a vocation, profession, or avocationsuggests a trade, profession, or avocation followed with zeal or steady interest OCCUPATION
She enjoys reading, knitting, and other quiet pursuits. Passionate pursuit of art has never meant riches.
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I have absolutely no recollection of it being put there. My recollections of my childhood are very hazy.
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someone who is not officially a wife or husband but is considered to be one because she or he has been living with their partner for a long time
common-law wife. All this seems to achieve is an arbitrary restriction on improving common-law rules. the legal system in England and most of the US that has developed over a period of time from old customs and court decisions, rather than by politicians
bezpośrednio, z determinacją
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A head-on accident is one in which the fronts of two vehicles hit each other
The car crossed the road and hit a truck head-on. a head-on collision. We should have sat down and addressed the issues head-on.
powtarzać się, powracać (o myśli, o problemie)
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to happen many times or to happen again
The theme of freedom recurs throughout her writing. If the pain/problem/trouble, etc. recurs, come and see me.
roztaczać czar, emanować
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to cast a spell. OOZE, UNROLL
the atmosphere was oozing incredibility and inexpressible amazement. An amazing view of the jungle unrolled in front of us.
rozrzutnik, marnotrawca; rozrzutny
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someone who spends a lot of money in a way that wastes it:
Max was a spendthrift and a heavy gambler. I'm not a spendthrift, although sometimes if I see something on sale, I'll get three because it's a good deal.
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glans penis
salto, przewracać strony, podrzucać (np. naleśniki)
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He jumped into the pool doing a flip. This flip got her a golden medal. She flipped the pages of a magazine but found nothing interesting. The cook is flipping the pancakes.
mnemoniczny, pamięciowy
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something such as a very short poem or a special word used to help a person remember something: helping you to remember something
The musical notes on the lines go EGBDF - use the mnemonic "Every good boy deserves fun". He uses mnemonic devices to help him remember his parking spot. The most effective programs teach mnemonic strategies.
marszczyć, pognieść, zgiąć
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a line on cloth or paper where it has been folded or crushed
He ironed a crease down the front of each trouser leg. It's a nice dress, but it creases very easily... creaseless
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hand fan
Japanese fans are very stylish.
zanurzyć się
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plunge in
plunge in, the warm is water.
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It's important to replenish stock regularly.
zwieńczenie (historii), scena finałowa (filmu), rozwiązanie (przebiegu akcji)
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the end of a story, in which everything is explained, or the end result of a situation
To conservatives this denouement had all the marks of a cover-up.
tuszowanie, próba ukrywania faktów
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He covered his mistake up with a smile.

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