aspirated H – le H aspiré français

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French aspirated "h"
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le "h”aspiré français

French words beginning with the letter “h” which is not pronounced are divided into two groups: aspired “h” and mute “h”. The initial letter “h” is not pronounced.
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“h” aspiré et “h” muet

the aspired “h” appears in French words borrowed from other languages and acts like a consonant: - there are no contractions (elisions) with it, like in the word “hockey”, - there are no liaisons in front of it. For example, if you were to pronounce the word “heroes” with definite article with the liaison, you would be saying “the zeros”.
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le hockey / les héros / les zéros

the mute “h” appears in most French words that begin with “h’. In this case the word acts as if it begins with a vowel: contractions and liaisons are required like in word “man” with the definite article.
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l’homme /les hommes (la liaison)

the liaison is the pronunciation of a usually silent word-final consonant before a following vowel like in word “friend” with indefinite article
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un ami (m) / une amie (f)

the elision is the suppression of a final vowel before another word beginning with a vowel. The deletion of a vowel is indicated in writing with an apostrophe like in the word “friend” with definite article
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l’ami (m) / l’amie (f)

the list of the most common words that begin with the aspired “h”
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la liste des mots les plus populaires qui commencent par un “h” aspiré

la haine

la halle

la halte

le hamac

le hamburger

le hameau

le hamster

la hanche

le hand-ball

le handicap

le hangar

le haricot

la harpe

le harpon

luck, chance
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le hasard

la hâte

la hauteur

le hérisson

le héros

la hiérarchie

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le hiéroglyphe

le hobby

le hockey

la Hollande

le homard

la Hongrie

la honte

le hooligan

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