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término definición
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redeemable coupon - a certificate offering consumers a price reduction on a particular product
cykl zakupowy
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purchasing cycle
the average length of time between a consumer's repeat purchases of the same product.
artykuł sprzedawany po niższej cenie w celach promocyjnych
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loss leader
a popular product sold with no profit, in order to attract customers to a store.
próbka bezpłatna
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free sample
a small amount of a new product given to consumers to encourage them to try it
zwracający uwagę na ceny
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strongly influenced by the price when buying goods or services.
pierwszy zakup?
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initial trial
the first time a consumer buys a product to see what it's like
kupiec przemysłowy?
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industrial buyer
someone who purchases goods or services that will be used in the production or supply of other goods or services.
przywiązanie klienta do marki
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brand loyalty
the commitment of consumers to a particular brand
wizerunek marki
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brand image
the public's beliefs and perceptions about a particular product.
konsument niewierny jednemu produktowi
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a consumer who shows no loyalty to a particular brand, but changes among competing products.
przyciągać klientów
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attract customers
oferować obniżkę cen
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offer a price reduction
wypróbować nowy produkt
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try out a new product
utrzymywać udziały w rynku
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maintain market share
odeprzeć atak konkurencji
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counter a competitor's promotion
stymulować sprzedaż
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stimulate sales
agenci handlowi
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sales forces
rozciąganie linii produktów
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Line-stretching means lengthening a company's product line, either moving up-market or down-market in order to reach new customers, to enter growing or more profitable market segments, to react to competitors' initiatives, and so on.
uzupełnianie asortymentu
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line-filling means adding further items in that part of a product range which a line already covers, in order to compete in competitors' niches, to utilize excess production capacity, and so on.
eliminacja produktu
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product elimination
Product elimination is the process of withdrawing products from the market when they are no longer profitable
produkt kupowany raz na jakiś czas
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shopping goods
shopping goods are high involvement products for which consumers generally search for information, evaluate different models, and compare prices, and take time to make a selection.
specjalne produkty, konkretne
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speciality goods
Speciality goods are durable goods with unique characteristics that informed consumers have to go to a particular store to buy.
tanie produkty nabywane rutynowo
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convenience goods
Convenience goods are cheap and simple low involvement products which people use regularly and buy frequently with little effort, without comparing alternatives.
asortyment produktów, oferta produkcyjna firmy
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product mix
A product mix is the set of all the product lines and items offered by a company.
linia produktów
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product line
A product line is a group of closely related products, which usually have the same function and are sold to the same customer groups through the same outlets.
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asortyment produktów
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product range
likwidować, wycofywać produkty
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withdraw products
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akcja, udziały
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strach przed porażką
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fear of failure
przewidywanie, prognoza
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instynkt wewnętrzny
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inner instinct
spotkanie zetknięcie
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śmiałe przedsięwzięcie
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sprzedaż nieruchomości
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property sale
rynek nieruchomości
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property market
mieć skłonność do czegoś
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tend to do sth
niedokładny (np. o informacji)
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zbyt wysoko wyceniony
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kłaść nacisk na
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put emphasis on
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zaniżony koszt, cena
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wygórowana cena
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giełda papierów wartościowych
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stock market
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gwałtowny wzrost notowań akcji
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boom years
years of economic prosperity
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