Academic Word List 1.1

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término definición
zmienić podejśćie
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adopt an attitude
Large companies should take a more flexible approach to hiring older people.
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He is not too approachable in this or any matter under the sun.
niezbadany teren
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grey area
That is the grey area between health and social services.
temat tabu; niebezpieczne miejsce
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no-go area
plac zabaw
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play area
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general area
Na emeryturze przeprowadzę się do wiejskiej chatki.
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I'm going to move into a rural cottage when I retire.
obszar wiejski
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rural area
Typically, bus services in rural areas are far less reliable than those in the cities.
ponownie ocenić, powtórnie rozważać, rewidować
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The role of the police force is being reassessed on a wide front.
ocena ryzyka
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risk assessment
The data from this study has been used to make a risk assessment.
egzaminator, biegły
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The tax assessors came around and told them they'd have to pay another ten percent.
ocenić, szacować. nałożyć podatek
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How are we going to assess the results of these five years?
ocenić sytuację
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assess the situation
Human beings assess a situation based upon certain predetermined events and from that form a choice.
hipotetyczny, przypuszczalny
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He's doing the assumptive leader bit already and not mentioning the challenger!
oparty na założeniu
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based on the assumption
This is based on the assumption that the world’s population will continue to grow.
Zakładając, że
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Assuming that
przejąć kontrolę
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assume control
Central government needs to assume control of educational services to ensure that a uniform standard is maintained.
apodyktyczny, kategoryczny, zdecydowany (o głosie, sposobie zachowywania się)
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They long for some authoritative study that will provide an answer.
dostępność, osiągalność, dyspozycyjność
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dostępny w sprzedaży, na rynku
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commercially available
The service became commercially available in the second half of 2008.

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