A14: March 20th-26th

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When our customers aren't pleased with our products, we get lots of c___.
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a complaint - skarga
Every time he pays her a c___ she blushes.
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a compliment - komplement
S___ are one of the most beautiful water birds living in Poland.
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a swan - łabędź
The most numerous population of s___ nests in Poland.
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a stork - bocian
C___ flying in a formation are a sure sign of spring.
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a crane - żuraw
Did you t___ my sandwich i___ the rubbish bin?!
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throw ... into
throw sth into sth - wrzucić coś do czegoś
They s___ f___ t___ Marzanna and threw it into a river.
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set fire to
set fire to sth - podpalić coś
P___ the cigarette o___ at once!!!
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put ... out
put sth out - zgasić coś (co się pali)
I love this song, t___ u___ the volume!
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turn up
turn sth up - podgłośnić coś
I'm trying to work, t___ the radio d___!
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turn ... down
turn sth down - przyciszyć coś
Everybody has b___ soup at Christmas in Poland.
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a beetroot - burak
Levi's jeans are so expensive because of excellent q___ of the fabric.
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quality - jakość
We store a large q___ of timber in our warehouse.
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quantity - ilość
She's eating m___ l___ sweets now and she's getting thinner and thinner.
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much less
much less - o wiele mniej
He used to work t___ m___ and as a result he was perpetually tired.
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too much
too much - za dużo
The v___ of our apartment is little under €1,000,000.
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value - wartość
The v___ of stored timber is over 200 m3.
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volume - objętość

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