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Kręta droga
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winding road
I ran behind the police car and down a street, following the narrow windings toward our hill
ekscytujące przejażdżki
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thrilling rides
bez wolnych miejsc (hotel)
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booked solid
All the hotel rooms were booked solid so we had to go for different dates.
podróżować bez określonego celu
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head for the sun
My brother's holiday philosophy is to travel light and head for the sun.
nisko kosztowne wakacje
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holidays on shoestring
przyjechać na czerwone światła
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jump the red lights
przejechać pieszego
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take out a pedestrian, run sb over
I've run your dog over, I'm sorry.
gwałtownie skręcać, odbiegać (np. od normy, prawdy, tematu), dryblować piłka
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He swerved to the right, hoping to cut behind them. The car swerved toward an empty house. You swerve drastically from the standard rules in the society.
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holidaymaker, vacationer
The reception was crowded with vacationers.
rzetelna opinia/ przemyślana decyzja
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informed opinion/ informed decision
nucić, mruczeć pod nosem, brzęczeć, buczeć, tętnic życiem
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to make a continuous low sound. to sing without opening your mouth. to be busy and full of activity, excitement, sounds, or voices:
She hummed to herself as she walked to school. The computers were humming in the background. The bar was really humming last night.
pozować, zastępować
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sit for
to take the place of someone who would normally do a particular job or go to a particular meeting:
Mr Baker is ill today, so Miss Dixon is sitting in for him (as your teacher).
przepisać coś na czysto
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write sth up
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the number of people that a newspaper or magazine is regularly sold to:
The newspaper has a circulation of over 500,000. The paper has a circulation of 150,000.
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voice-over artist
on a television programme, film, or advertisement, the spoken words of a person that you cannot see
Famous actors often provide voice-overs for ads.
obsadzić sztukę
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cast a play
to choose actors to play particular parts in a play, film, or show:
He was often cast as the villain. In her latest movie she was cast against type (= played a different character than the one she usually played or might be expected to play). They like to cast the opposing political party as the party of high taxes.
obcowanie z kulturą, pasja do kultury
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cultural pursuit
Passionate pursuit of art has never meant riches. Fishing is his favourite outdoor pursuit.
w ciągłym napięciu
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on the edge of one's seat
skraść show, przykryć ich
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steal a show
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a report, especially in a newspaper, that gives the news of someone's death and details about their life
krótka lista (np. kandydatów do nagrody), umieścić na krótkiej liście
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to put someone or something on a shortlist: a list of people who have been judged the most suitable for a job or prize, made from a longer list of people originally considered, and from which one person will be chosen:
His latest novel has been shortlisted for the Man Booker prize. I've shortlisted three applicants for the job. She's on the shortlist for a first novel prize.
odgrywać główna rolę
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play the lead
to star
leading role
wiersz biały
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blank verse
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an actor who learns the parts of other actors in a play, so that he or she can replace them if necessary, for example if they are ill:
An understudy took over for the rest of the performance and the evening show.
zostać wywołanym na scenę po przedstawieniu
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take a curtain call
błędne przekonanie
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an idea that a lot of people think is true but is in fact false:
It is a common fallacy that women are worse drivers than men.
przez wiele godzin, bez ustanku
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for hours on end
He knew how to sit still for hours on end.
lekko drwiący, kpiący
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wry style
showing that you find a bad or difficult situation slightly funny:
a wry smile/comment
spróbować swoich sił
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try one's hand at sth
otrzymywać najnowsze wiadomości
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get newsflashes
owacja na stojąco
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standing ovation
droga wjazdowa/wyjazdowa z autostrady
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slip road
a short road on which vehicles join or leave a main road
wyznawane poglądy, kredo (np. polityczne)
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a set of beliefs that influences the way you live. credo
I have met people of every race, color and creed during this long campaign.
oczyścić (np. umysł, społeczeństwo, twarz), detox
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to make something completely clean: a period when you stop taking unhealthy or harmful foods, drinks, or drugs into your body for a period of time, in order to improve your health
Is there some sort of ritual or cleanse or pilgrimage that you like to go through? Cleanse the cut/wound thoroughly before you bandage it. During a cleanse, it's best to stay away from all caffeine-rich drinks.
młode, rodzić młode, zuch
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a young lion, bear, wolf, etc. a young boy
A cub scout helped me navigate through the city.
zawias, powiesić na zawiasie
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a piece of metal that fastens the edge of a door, window, lid, etc. to something else and allows it to open or close:
We had to take the front door off its hinges to get our new sofa into the house.
przewracać się, obalać się
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to (cause to) lose balance and fall down
The statue of the dictator was toppled (over) by the crowds. The tree toppled and fell.
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the act of showing respect: to bend one or both knees as a sign of respect to God, especially when entering or leaving a Catholic church:
Contemporary Hollywood movies often make subtle genuflections to the great film-makers of the past. People were genuflecting in front of the altar.
łeb w łeb
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neck and neck
If two competitors are neck and neck, they are level with each other and have an equal chance of winning.
robić zamieszanie z jakiegoś powodu, wydziwiać, marudzić
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make a fuss about something
She made such a fuss when Richard spilled a drop of wine on her blouse! It's all a fuss about nothing. I don't see what the fuss is about - he seems like a fairly ordinary-looking guy to me.
lot z przesiadką
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connecting flight
She missed her connecting flight to Berlin and had to spend an extra four hours at the airport.

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