18th May 2015

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friendly and easy to talk to ≠ unapproachable

etyka zowodowa
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work ethic

to further / to advance
Our understanding of human genetics has advanced considerably.

oni zagłosowali na jego korzyść
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They voted in his favor.
in sb's favour

jestem za / popieram to
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I’m all for it

on tylko tak gada
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he's all talk (and no action)

spodnie rurki
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skinny jeans

ostatni krzyk mody
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all the rage
Skinny jeans are all the rage right now
DiCaprio BECAME all the rage after starring in the film 'Titanic'.

przez cały czas
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all along
I tried to keep a secret from my parents, but they knew the truth all along.

wolna amerykanka (sytuacja, gdy każdy robi, co chce) / pyskówka
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The row between the prime minister and the opposition leader soon developed into a free-for-all between MPs from all parties.
When they opened the doors to the store, everyone rushed in and it was a free-for-all.

zrobić wszystko, żeby
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to go all out for sth / sb
pull out all the stops for sth / sb => They pulled out all the stops for their daughter's wedding.
The team went all out for a win.

bardzo różni ludzie
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people from all walks of life

najważniejsza rzecz
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the be-all and end-all
Winning the competition isn’t the be-all and end-all. You’ll learn a lot from the experience, too.

gdy wszystko już zostało powiedziane
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when all is said and done
said when you are about to tell someone the most important fact they should remember in a situation
When all is said and done, you can only do your best.

drapacz chmur z drewna
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skyscraper made mainly from wood

ogłosić / zwiastować
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to herald (a new era of sth)
A flash of lightning heralded torrential rain.

gwałtowny / ulewny / rzęsisty deszcz
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torrential rain
torrential rain = very heavy rain

potok (np. słów), strumień (np. łez), stek (np. wyzwisk)
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a torrent of sth
When I asked him to move, he UNLEASHED a torrent of abuse.

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fat, oil, grease
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fat, oil and grease as poured down the drains in domestic households. It wreaks havoc in the sewers.

kanały ściekowe / kanalizacja
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zamieszanie / zamęt
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havoc / mayhem
/ˈhæv.ək/ /ˈmeɪ.hem/
wreak/cause/create havoc = cause/create/wreak mayhem => There was complete mayhem after the explosion.

emisje ulotne
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fugitive emissions
a gas or other product that escapes during a process such as drilling

uciekinier / zbieg
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a fugitive from US justice

powodować zamieszanie / zamęt
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to wreak havoc
wreak havoc/mayhem/destruction (on something) to cause a lot of damage or problems
These policies have wreaked havoc on the British economy.

wściekłość / furia
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trembling/shaking with rage
His face was red with rage. = > red / dark / purple with rage

wpajać coś komuś
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instil confidence/fear/discipline etc into somebody
A manager's job is to instil determination into his players.


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