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szczypce, obcęgi
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a tool that you use to lift up small objects. It has two bars joined at one end, that you press together to lift objects


dobra dusza / przyjaciel
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Josh cooked lunch for me, he's such a homie.

koleś / kumpel
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What's up? Sup; Wazzup; What are you up to? / What's going on? / What's happening? / what's good (in the hood)? / what's cracking?
how are you doing? = > Howya doing? Howyou doin’?
how's it going? / How’s it?; How’s it goin’? = > It’s goin good, how are you?

what's new (with you)? / how have you been?
when greeting sb you haven seen in a while

in the southeast Mediterranean

jak żyjesz? co nowego?
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how've you been? / how you been? (inf)

do zobaczenia
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See you later. See you later, alligator (respond with: after awhile, crocodile. See you then. See you around.
peace => inf; used in chats

Miło było was spotkać.
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It was nice meeting you.

do potęgi trzeciej
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the cube of sth

zaliczać się do kategorii
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to fall into a category

mieć coś w zasięgu ręki
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have something at your/their fingertips

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