16th Nov 2016

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stolik przy łóżku
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bedside table / lamp
o czasie
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This has been a timely reminder to us all.
a lift/elevator shaft
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(often in compounds) a long, narrow, usually vertical passage in a building or underground, used especially for a lift/elevator or as a way of allowing air in or out
a mineshaft
ząb np. widelca
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a rake
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Tony Carpenter, a dietician, says it's vital they drink as much fluid as they can get.
the opposite of DREES up
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dress DOWN
bez zobowiązań
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no strings attached
the quality of being able to do things in a confident and elegant way that other people find attractive
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She carried off the performance with panache.
the longest river in the world
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the Nile (the Amazon is the second)
to beat something that somebody says or does by saying or doing something even better
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to trump
They were trumped by another firm that made a lower bid.
to protest
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a protest
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to make a habit of it
to have a lot of work to do or a lot of problems to deal with
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to have a lot / enough on sb's plate
tasować karty
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to shuffle the cards
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a disease of children caused by a lack of good food that makes the bones become soft and badly formed, especially in the legs
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wykończyć / wykorzystać do końca
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use sth up
kucyki (po bokach)
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ponytail /pu/
bunches BrE, pigtails AmE
wyjść ze strefy bezpieczeństwa
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step outside your comfort zone

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