14th Nov 2016

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cellulose /ˈseljuləʊs/
a natural substance that forms the cell walls of all plants and trees and is used in making plastics, paper, etc.
cebulka dymka
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green onion AmE / spring onion BrE
rzodkiew japońska
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daikon / mooli
a long white root vegetable that you can eat; it's added to kimchi
warzywa korzeniowe
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root vegetables
wkładać serce w coś
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put your heart and soul INTO sth
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succulent /ˈsʌkjələnt/
any plant with leaves and stems that are thick and contain a lot of water, for example a cactus
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juicy / succulent /ˈsʌkjələnt/
telefonować jako akwizytor, odwiedzać jako akwizytor
A cold-caller mistakenly called the company’s boss.
Cold calling is an effective sales tactic if it’s done properly.
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to cold call
if someone who is selling something makes a cold call or a blind call, they telephone someone they have never spoken to before to offer them a product or service
to telephone or visit someone you have never met before and try to sell them something
a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt
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a hormone; protein that in humans is best known for its role in enabling mammals, usually females, to produce milk
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prolactin / PRL
przysadka mózgowa
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pituitary gland /pəˈtjuːətəri/
a small organ at the base of the brain that produces hormones that influence growth and sexual development
ścierka do naczyń
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tea towel / tea cloth / dishtowel AmE
o wschodzie słońca
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at sunrise
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sapphire /ˈsæfaɪə/
a transparent bright blue jewel
sapphire eyes
relaksowac się
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to unwind
Music helps me unwind after a busy day.
napalony (sex)
full of energy; wanting to play
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horny / frisky
a frisky horse
He always gets a bit frisky after a few drinks.
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to brake / to put on the brakes
She put on the brakes suddenly.
doczepiane włosy
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hair extentions
z natury nieśmiały
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to be shy BY NATURE
moja lepsza połowa Cię pozdrawia
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my superior half sends her best
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AN invite
zrobić unik / unikać czegoś
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to dodge (sth / doing sth)
She tried to dodge paying her taxes.
He dodged his military service.
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quad bike
kosz do noszenia dziecka
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moses basket
rodzaj grzybów z rzędu drożdżaków
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a fungus
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an infectious disease that affects the mouth and throat

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