100 zwrotów, które musisz znać pisząc po angielsku - Engleash. net (cz. 7 wyrażanie różnic)

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término definición
faktycznie, w rzeczywistości
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It is a well known fact, actually.
faktycznie, de facto
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In fact
In fact, I am completely against your suggestion.
w pewnym sensie
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In a way
I know your thinking is not correct, but in a way, I can understand such reasoning.
do pewnego stopnia
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To a certain extent
I agree with the author to a certain extent, but...
w każdym razie, tak czy inaczej
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anyway, I think that...
z reguły
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As a rule
As a rule, he is never wrong.
z jednej strony
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On the one hand
On the one hand, it is what I need.
z drugiej strony
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On the other hand
On the other hand, it is too complicated.
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The novel is hard to read; still, it is interesting.
jednak, mimo to
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She is not a mathematician and yet her skills are amusing.
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I usually drink coffee. Today, however, I am having a cup of tea.
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On the contrary
He is not tall, on the contrary, he is really short.
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In spite of
In spite of evidence, they did not believe him.
pomimo to, niemniej jednak
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Nevertheless, it is still valued by scholars.
pomimo to, niemniej jednak
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Nonetheless, it is important to him.
jednakże, mimo wszystko, mimo to
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He is a decent man, notwithstanding I do not like him.
w odróznieniu od
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In contrast to/with
In contrast to his father he is very famous.
(a) mimo to, (a) jednak
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The story is strange but true.
ale z drugiej strony, ale przecież
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But then (again)
But then such methods are practical.

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