08.02.2018 Idioms: secrets

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an injury or mark where the skin has not been broken but is darker in colour
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reveal a secret
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divulge a secret
sth that is not accepted in society
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Smoking is frowned upon in many societies
forced to
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compelled to
He felt compelled to report the incident
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to spend time alone, not talking to other people very much
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keep themselves to themselves
We don't see much of our neighbours - they keep themselves to themselves
when sth is hidden or kept secret from public view
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behind closed doors
to allow a secret to be known, usually without intending to
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let the cat out of the bag
I was trying to keep the party a secret, but Mel went and let the cat out of the bag
to tell people secret information
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spill the beans
So who spilled the beans about her affair with David?
to tell people about something without intending to
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let sth slip
He let it slip that he hadn't actually read the report
stay silent (about the secret)
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keep/stay schtum
to spoil a surprise or a joke by telling someone something that should have been kept secret
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give the game away
to make something known publicly, or to show something that was hidden
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between you and me
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It's hush-hush, so don't tell anyone
top secret operation
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covert operation
(of people) behaving secretly and often dishonestly
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She looks furtive
divulhe a secret
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blurt out a secret

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