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act your age
Please, act your age and stop buying yourself toys!
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to behave in a way which is typical for people of your age, not like a much younger person
Não seja criança, não seja infantil, aja de acordo com a sua idade
I think she looks young for her age.
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the number of years someone has
age discrimination
I think I didn't get the job because of age discrimination.
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unfair treatment of people because they are old
a discriminação em razão da idade; discriminação por motivo de idade
come of age
When he comes of age, we’ll have a special celebration. He'll receive the money when he comes of age.
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to reach the age when you are legally an adult
atingir a maioridade
I gave up my seat on the underground when an elderly woman got on.
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an elderly person is old
terceira idade idoso
He’s very immature.
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behaving like a younger person
imaturo, jovem
He showed a lack of maturity for his age.
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when someone behaves sensibly and like an adult
He's now 40 and he's still in his prime.
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the time in your life when you are strongest and most active.
to be in your prime/in the prime of life estar na flor de idade
If you are dissatisfied with our service, please let us know.
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not happy because something is not as good as you had expected
insatisfeito, descontente
I can't understand your illogical behaviour. Make up your mind!
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not sensible or reasonable
Nobody is immortal.
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living or continuing for ever
He gets impatient with the kids.
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annoyed because of delays or mistakes that make you wait
He felt insecure about his appearance.
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not feeling at all confident about yourself, your abilities, or your relationships with people
I won't bore you with all the irrelevant details.
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not useful or important in a particular situation
Make sure your child does not misbehave.
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to behave badly
comportar-se mal
She had misinterpreted his silence as anger.
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to understand something wrongly
interpretar mal
He looked out into a crowd of unfamiliar faces.
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not known to you
Please take care of yourself and change your unhealthy diet.
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likely to make you ill
pouco saudável, que faz mal à saúde. pouco saudável [pessoa], doentio [aparência] doentio [interesse]
It had an unpredictable ending.
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not behaving or happening in the way that you expect, different and interesting
She had rather unrealistic expectations of marriage.
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unrealistic ideas are not sensible or based on what is really likely to happen
pouco realista
He's unwilling to admit he was wrong.
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not wanting to do something, or refusing to do it
relutante, reticente
She was filled with despair when she thought about her future.
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a feeling that you have no hope at all
Phil’s really dreading his interview tomorrow.
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to feel very worried about something that is going to happen
morrer de medo, recear
go nowhere
He was going nowhere with the new book he was writing.
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to have no success, or to make no progress
em lugar nenhum
have mixed feelings about
We had mixed feelings about moving so far away.
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to have feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time
to have mixed feelings (about sth) ter sentimentos contraditórios (em relação a alguma coisa)
look on the bright side
My mother told me to always look on the bright side of life.
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to think of the good things about a situation
olhar o lado risonho v · olhar para o lado positivo v
look forward to
I'm so looking forward to my next holiday.
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to be excited and pleased about something that is going to happen
aguardar com expectativa, com ansiedade
I prefer a film with an upbeat ending.
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cheerful and making you feel that good things will happen
otimista, positivo
ups and downs
Every marriage has its ups and downs.
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the good and bad things that happen in life, business etc
altos e baixos
be in charge
My dad's in charge of the TV remote in our house!
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to have control over or responsibility for something or someone
estar encarregado de algo v · ser responsável por algo/alguém v
belong to
Does this umbrella belong to you?
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if something belongs to you, you own it
pertencer a alguém; ser de alguém
credit card
Can I pay by credit card?
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a small plastic card that you use to buy goods or services and pay for them later
cartão de crédito
My children stay up late on a Friday
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after the usual time
Duane and his wife own a restaurant in Atlanta.
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if you own something, it legally belongs to you, especially because you bought it or were given it
ter, se dono de
I'm currently doing a part-time job.
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for only a part of the normal working day or week
My daughter is getting her ears pierced when she's older.
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to make a hole in or through something using an object with a sharp point
furar, perfurar
She used to run her own business abroad.
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to organize or be in charge of an activity, business, organization, or country
organizar, dirigir
I see lots of children riding scooters in the park.
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a small two-wheeled vehicle with an engine
lambreta, trotineta
I own my smartphone to check my email, browse the internet and many other things.
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a mobile phone which you can use as a small computer
smartphone, telefone inteligente [aparelho que combina as funções de computador de mão e telemóvel]
When did you first travel solo?
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when someone flies or does an activity alone
solo [apresentação, voo, etc.] solo [em música]
I'm babysitting for a toddler tonight.
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a young child who has just learned to walk
criança que está a aprender a dar os primeiros passos
She was wearing a lot of make-up.
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to have something such as clothes, shoes, make-up or jewellery on your body
usar [uma roupa, um perfume, uma joia, etc.
any time now
They will arrive any time now.
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very soon
A qualquer momento; agora
Can Ella ride a bicycle yet?
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a vehicle with two wheels that you ride by pushing its pedals with your feet
My friend's daughter is bilingual - her father is Spanish and her mother is Polish.
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able to speak two languages very well
I'm the editor of a bimonthly magazine
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appearing or happening once every two months or twice each month
cut something short
The band had to cut short its concert tour.
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to stop doing something earlier than you had planned
cortar algo curto
drag your heels
We expected the company to drag its heels.
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to delay doing something
arraste os seus calcanhares
in no time
We'll be there in no time.
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very soon or quickly
em nenhum momento
in the nick of time
The doctor arrived in the nick of time.
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at the last moment before it is too late to do something
no momento exato
You can travel on an intercity train across Europe.
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happening between two or more cities, or going from one city to another
Our company is part of an international group.
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relating to or involving more than one country
During the interval of the play, you can get a drink from the theatre bar.
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a period of time between two events or activities
She had an interview for a teaching job.
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a meeting in which someone asks you questions, especially to find out if you are suitable for a job
killing time
He's killing time before his doctor's appointment.
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spend time doing something unimportant while waiting for something
matar o tempo
make up for lost time
It'll be impossible to make up for lost time.
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lost time or opportunities have not been used in the way that would have given you the greatest advantage
recuperar o tempo perdido
How many megabytes is this file?
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a unit for measuring computer information, equal to just over a million bytes
The teacher used a megaphone at sports-day so that he could be heard.
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a piece of equipment like a large horn which you talk through to make your voice sound louder, when you are speaking to a crowd
Japan’s largest producer of microchips has just opened a factory in the UK.
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a very small piece of silicon containing electronic parts, used in computers and other machines
Each sample was examined under the microscope.
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a scientific instrument that makes extremely small things look larger
You can heat the soup in a microwave.
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a machine that cooks food very quickly, using electric waves instead of heat
She works as a multimedia designer in San Francisco.
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using a mixture of sounds, pictures etc to give information, especially on a computer
There is a multi-storey car park next to the shopping centre.
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a multi-storey building has many levels
de vários andares
I usually have to multitask when I'm at work.
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to do more than one thing at the same thing
take your time
There's no need to rush. Take your time.
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to do something without worrying
demore o tempo que quiser
time after time
She told him time after time that if he didn't stop gambling, she'd leave him.
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again and again
vezes sem conta
The goods are in transit.
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the process of moving goods or people from one place to another
durante o transporte, em trânsito
Translate the text from Italian to English.
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to change written or spoken words into another language
We need improved rail transport in this town.
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a system or method for carrying passengers or goods from one place to another

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