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término English
definición English

If you chill the lemonade, it'll taste nicer.
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to cool the temperature down of something, especially a drink
gelar, arrefecer, refrescar

chill out
I listen to classical music to chill out
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to relax
relaxar, acalmar-se

focus on
He needs to focus on passing his exams and not the World Cup.
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to give special attention to one particular person or thing, or to make people do this
to focus on sth focar-se em alguma coisa, concentrar-se em alguma coisa

focus on
She turned the camera and focus on Martin's face.
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to point a camera or telescope at something, and change the controls slightly so that you can see that thing clearly
focar [objetiva, câmara] to focus (your eyes) on sth focar (a vista em) alguma coisa

I need to recharge my phone, it's almost dead.
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to put a new supply of electricity into a battery

I'm going to have a weekend away to recharge my batteries.
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to get back your strength and energy again

switch off
Can you switch the laptop off when you're not using it?
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to turn off a machine, light, radio etc using a switch
switch off apagar-se [luz], desligar-se [aquecimento, rádio] switch sth off apagar alguma coisa [a luz], desligar alguma coisa [a TV, o rádio, etc.]

switch off
I hate it when he just switches off and doesn't listen to me.
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to stop thinking about something or listening to someone

wind up
I need to wind up my watch.
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to turn part of a machine around several times, in order to make it move or start working
dar corda a alguma coisa; dar corda em um relógio, brinquedo, etc.

wind up
My little brother used to wind me up all the time. We get on quite well now though!
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to deliberately say or do something that will annoy or worry someone, as a joke
chatear ou enganar alguém

Look at that breathtaking view!
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very impressive, beautiful, or surprising
impressionante; de cortar o fôlego

Your garden is delightful! I could spend all day there.
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very pleasant
encantador, maravilhoso, agradável

Your daughter is an exceptional student.
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unusually good

The weather was perfect all week.
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as good as possible, or the best of its kind

There have been significant changes in the exam system.
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noticeable or important
significativo, importante

The meeting went smoothly and we managed to follow the agenda.
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gracefully or comfortably, with no sudden movements
to go smoothly - correr bem

You look stunning in that dress.
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extremely beautiful
estonteante, deslumbrante

We went to a new restaurant last night and the cook was superb!
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very good
soberbo, primoroso

Let's play cards.
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a small piece of thick stiff paper with numbers or pictures on them, used to play a particular game
(de baralho) carta

I have a coat made of thick woollen cloth.
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material used for making clothes and other things
tecido, pano

He was still in his work clothes.
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the things people wear to cover their bodies or keep them warm

We needed tonnes of concrete to build our house.
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a substance used for building that is made by mixing sand, water, small stones, and cement
de cimento, de betão

Tom wears glasses.
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two pieces of specially cut glass or plastic in a frame, which you wear in order to see more clearly SYN spectacles

We always do a bit of horseback riding on holiday.
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riding a horse
on horseback - a cavalo

We asked one of the locals to recommend a café.
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someone who lives in the place where you are or the place that you are talking about

Her luggage was in the back of the car.
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the bags and cases that you carry when you are travelling

They have an apartment on the outskirts of Geneva.
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the parts of a city or town that are furthest from the centre
os arredores

The remains of a temple are just over there.
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the parts of something that are left after the rest has been destroyed
ruínas; sobras, restos

Abdel ran down the stairs.
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a set of steps built for going from one level of a building to another

Customers only have a limited time to examine the goods.
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the thing that is measured in minutes, hours, days, years etc using clocks

I travel light and don't take many toiletries with me on holiday.
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things such as soap that you use when you wash yourself
artigos de higiene pessoal

The boat was made of wood.
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the hard material that trees are made of
madeira, lenha

Mike is cool-headed and can think clearly even when he's in danger.
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able to stay calm even in difficult situations

good with
She's very good with words. I think she'll make a editor.
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able to do something well

great shape
When I finished my triathlon season I was in really great shape.
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in good condition and good health

human nature
What characterises our human nature?
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belonging to or relating to people, especially as opposed to machines or animals

Please take some time and try to come up with an inventive solution to the problem.
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using new and interesting ideas

The candidate possesses the necessary know-how.
empezar lección
knowledge, practical ability, or skill

It's currently impossible to fully understand the human mind.
empezar lección
your thoughts or your ability to think, feel, and imagine things
mente, cabeça

sense of humour
It's vital to have a sense of humour in this job
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the ability or tendency to think that things are funny, or funny things you say that show you have this ability
sentido de humor

The journalist had a sharp mind.
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able to think and understand things very quickly, and not easily deceived
esperto, atento ter um raciocínio rápido

Can you give me some advice about buying a house?
empezar lección
the things you say to someone when you tell them what you think they should do
conselhos a piece/word of advice um conselho

We now have new computer equipment for our office.
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the things that you need to do a job or sport
equipamento, material

The desk was the only piece of furniture in the room.
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large objects in a room, such as chairs, tables, and beds
móveis, mobiliário, mobília

The book contains information about many subjects.
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facts or details about a situation, person, or event
informações; a piece of information uma informação

Did you watch the six o'clock news?
empezar lección
information about something that has happened recently
notícia(s) a piece of news uma notícia the news o noticiário

Conner spent eight years on cell damage research.
empezar lección
a study on a subject in detail so that you can discover new facts about it
pesquisa, investigação

Is there enough room in the fridge for the shopping?
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space somewhere for a particular thing, person, or activity
quarto, sala, espaço, lugar

We've been having trouble with the new computer system.
empezar lección
problems or difficulties
problema, dificuldade

What's the weather like today?
empezar lección
the temperature and other conditions such as sun, rain, and wind

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