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Do you have enough free time? What do you do with it?
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I'm retired, so I have all time for me not having to work. All I do is study. And live.

Which sentences in Exercise 2 D (page 44) do you agree with/are true for you?
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For me, the easiest way to unwind is to focus on something different like cooking.

Look at the headline of the article on page 44 and tick the topics you think will be in the article.
More free time than ever? I don't think so!
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shopping, working hours, the internet, exercise, housework, sleep, television.
working hours, shopping, housework, sleep

read the article and circle the topics in Exercise 3 A that it mentions.
Were your predictions correct?
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the internet, television, friends and family, listening to music, doing household chores.
No. Only for "doing household chores.

Which of the following statements
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can be supported by the article?

Most people have less free time than they used to.
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False: "we actually have far more than we had a decade ago".

Most people use the internet wherever they are.
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True: "Eight out of ten adults say they now go online in any location, not just at home or at work".

Most people prefer watching TV to listening to music.
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True: "But contrary to current opinion, television still rules".

Most people over 65 spend less time on the internet than younger adults.
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True: "Spending time on the internet ranked 4th in the 16-44 age range, but much lower among the 45-plus group".

Most people have a negative attitude towards their job.
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True: "an overwhelming majority (9%) said they have far less time than they used to".

Most people enjoy the internet more than watching TV.
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False: "Looking at adults of all ages, over 90% reported watching TV as their main free-time activity".

Read the opening sentences from two experts responding to the article.
List two things you think each expert will say.
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"What's changed isn't the amount of free time, it's people's ability to do nothing". "Nothing has changed except what we mean by "free-time activities".
People lost their ability to do nothing. They don't know what to do by themselves. Even when we do things out of our work we don't think they are free-time activities.

What were your expert's main points? -A
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People would sit around and watch TV or read. they'll check social media, read a news site, or play a game on their phone. why are they always talking on their mobiles or checking emails.

What were your expert's main points? -B
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free time spent together/separately

Who identifies a more serious problem?
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dependency of technology; together-separately; mediation/direct communication.

How could either problem be solved?
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We must balance direct communication and mediation.

We conducted a survey of people’s eating habits. The survey showed that 61% backed the President.
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a set of questions that you ask a lot of people in order to find out about their opinions or behaviour

overwhelming evidence that smoking damages your health
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very big in amount or number

Don’t blame me – it’s not my fault.
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to say or think that someone or something is responsible for something bad

Look at the pie chart showing the hours spent on different activities in a working father's average weekday.
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Discuss the questions.

emailing/social media
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3 hours

1 hour

doing nothing
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leisure (alone)
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leisure (with people)
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Do you think this person has a balanced life?
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No. I think a balanced life split the day in three parts: 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work/study and 8 hours for the other things.

Is there anything he should spend more or less time doing?
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Yes. He should spend more time sleeping and less time working/studying.

What would be similar or different on a pie chart of your average weekday?
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Time spent in the bathroom. Time cooking and in house repairs.

Draw a pie chart like the one above for your average weekday.
Show each other your pie charts and discuss.
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What are the differences between your pie charts? How should other students change their lives? Who has the most balanced average day?

Look at the essay title. Discuss the questions.
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Most people fill their leisure time with meaningless activities. Do you agree?

What do you consider a "meaningful" and a "meaningless" leisure activity?
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What is your opinion of the statement?

Read the essay.
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Do you agree with the writer's point of view?

Identify the purpose of each paragraph.
Paragraph 1: the topic and opinion of the author. Paragraph 2 : examples. Paragraph 3: contrast. Paragraph 4: conclusion.
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Underline three phrases for giving opinions.
It seems to me, however; there has been some positive change; sadly, however.

Complete the table
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with the linking words/phrases in bold in the essay

firstly, to start with
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in the first place

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in addition to this, moreover

in contrast
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at the same time, as opposed to this

for example
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for instance, as an example

to conclude
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in conclusion, to sum up

this supports the view, this proves

One way to organise an opinion essay is as follows:
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You can start, "Some people believe..." or use a question or a quotation.

An introduction paragraph
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state the topic and give your opinion.

The main body of the essay (two or three paragraphs)
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When you make a point, give a reason and/or example.

A conclusion
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you restate your opinion using different words.

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