Vegetables in Norwegian

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término definición
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grønnsaker (
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gulrot (f.)
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potet (f.)
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kål (f.)
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salat (f.)
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brokkoli (f.)
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løk (f.)
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gresskar (i.)
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bønne (f.)
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agurk (f.)
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tomat (f.)
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spinat (f.)
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pepper (f.)
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rødbet (f.)

Learn Vegetables in Norwegian

Learn the basics of Norwegian! The magic of language learning is that you never know when you are going to need this word that you have at the tip of your tongue! Get to know Vegetables in Norwegian and never forget it again nor let it stay at the tip of your tongue! Let's get started with Vegetables and have a taste of this outstanding language! Our audio recordings will help you get the right Norwegian pronunciation and the images next to each term will make the whole learning process quick!

Motivation to master Norwegian

Learning Norwegian will broaden your social circle and simply make you smarter! Moreover you will get to impress your boss by speaking Norwegian! If that's not enough for you, think about it as a challenge or Speaking a new language is surely not so common. You could reach a respectable result "almost" alone!

How to learn Norwegian for good

Our language learning tool will take care of your vocabulary in Norwegian by scheduling repetitions of the words in Norwegian you didn't know making you remember more in less time.

Learn Norwegian fast and efficiently!

If you feel unconfident while speaking Norwegian language, you might want to take a look at our content and gain the confidence by studying Norwegian casually!

Other lessons in Norwegian for you

Make sure to have a look to other courses in Norwegian and find out our many other flashcards about Norwegian too. You should start with Vegetables in Norwegian right away!

Flashcards will make you easily build up your vocabulary and Norwegian skills.

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