Succesfull Writing Profeciency Unit 5

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término definición
to quickly look at someone or something
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The man glanced nervously at his watch.
a quick look at something that does not allow you to see clearly
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Across the lawn she had glimpsed Gregory heading for some trees.
to examine something carefully in order to find out more about it or find out what is wrong with it
z|badać [object]; s|kontrolować [document, luggage, accounts];
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I go out of the car to inspect the damage.
to move your head up and down, especially in order to show agreement or understanding.
nod /nd/ kiwnięcie n głową
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I asked her if she was ready, and she nodded.
to look at something quickly and secretly, especially through a hole or opening
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The door was ajared and Helen peeped in.
to look very carefully at something, especially beacuse you are having difficulty seeing it
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Philippa peered into a darkness.
to walk along slowly, especially when this is difficult
wlec sie
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The horse plodded up the hill.
to walk slowly, especially so that you look confident or proud
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He came sauntering down with his hands in the pocket.
a sound or an action that you make in order to give information to someone or to tell them to do something
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It was obviously a signal for us to leave.
the movement that you make when you put one foot in front of or behind the other when walking.
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He took one step and fell.
a long step when you are wlaking.
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Paco reached the door only in three strides.
to have each eye slightly looking in a different direction
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to walk slowly with heavy steps, especially when you are tired
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We trudged home trough the snow.
to walk slowly across or around the area, ussually with no direction or purpose
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to look at someone or something for a long time, giving it all your attention, often realizing you are doing so
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Nell was still gazing out of the window.
to shout loudly in a deep voice
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Tony was bellowing orders.
to hold something tightly because you do not want to lose it
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She was clutching a bottle of champagne.
to press something so hard that it breaks or is damaged
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His leg was crushed in the accident.
to walk or run somwhere very quickly
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Olive dashed into her room, grabbed a bag and run out again.
to look angrily at someone for a long time
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She glared at him accusingly.
to put your arms around somebody and hold them in a loving way.
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Johny warmly embraced his son.
to take and hold something firmly
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I grasped his arm firmly and led it away.
to smile widely
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She grinned at me, her eyes were sparkling.
to make a long deep sound because you are in pain, upset or disapointed, or because something is very enjoyable
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The kids all groaned when I switched off TV.
to say somethin quietly or not clearly enough, so that other people cannot understand you
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He bumped into someone and mumbled an apology.
to make a deep very loud noise
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We heard a lion roar.
to look at someone in an angry way
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Patrick scowled, but he did as he was told.
take hold of something, suddenly and violenty
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Tome seized the present from his girlfriend.
to slide somewhere over the surface, twisting or moving from side to side
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A snake slithered across the grass.
to smile in unpleasnt way that shows you are better than other people or you are pleased by someone else's bad luck
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What are you smirking at?
to take something away with a quick, often violent movement
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The tief snatched her purse and ran.
to speak in a very unkind way that shows you have no respect for someone or for soemthing
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"Is that your the best outfit?", he sneered.
to walk quietly on your toes, so that nobody can hear you
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His mother tiptoed into the room.
to walk or move unsteadily, almost falling over
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The olde man staggered dunkely to his feet.
to hit your foot against something or put your foot akwardly while you are walking or running, so that you almos fall
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In hurry, she stumbled and spilled the milk all over the floor.

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