Structure of the Human Eye

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the white outer layer of the eyeball

the transparent layer forming the front of the eyeball

Lacrimal Glands
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secretes the aqueous layer of the tear film

a melanin-filled, flat and circular surface

An opening of the iris

Aqueous Humour
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a clear fluid that fills the space between the lens and the cornea

focuses rays that pass through the retina

Ciliary Muscles
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connects the iris to the choroid

Vitreous Humour
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a transparent jelly-like tissue filling the eyeball behind the lens

very sensitive to light, triggers nerve impulses to send to the brain and form images

the vascular, pigmented layer between the reina and the scleara

where the keenist vision of the eye is, yellowish, surrounds the fovea

a deepset part of the eye

where no receptors are so it's a blind spot

where someone's view is blocked

Optic Nerve
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transmitting impulses from the brain to the back of the eye

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