Phrasal verbs (R-W) - English Vocabulary

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charge too much - colloquial



have enough money

run over=run through
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a bill - let a bill get longer without paying

run up against
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encounter - usually a problem

see someone off
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go to station, airport, etc to say goodbye to someone

see through
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realize the truth about

make fun of by imitation

start working

establish itself - especially weather

give in detail in writing/arrange/start an action


set (up) on
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realize slowly - colloquial, intransitive

make a mistake - colloquial

find a solution - colloquial

keep to an agreement

represent - initials/tolerate

stand in for
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take the place of

stand up to
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resist, bear stress

resign - colloquial


stick up for
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defend - especially yourself, your rights - colloquial


take (it) out on
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make someone else suffer because of one's own sufferings

imitate - colloquial

acquire a new characteristic/do something extra

insurance - sign an insurance agreement

gain control of

take to someone
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develop a liking for

time - occupy time

talk out of
empezar lección
dissuade from

persuade into

scold - colloquial

tie in with
empezar lección
be in agreement with

trace the whereabouts of

test - a machine

reject an offer

happen to be in the end/come to a meeting or to form a crowd

be discovered by chance/arrive - often unexpectedly

lose effect - especially a drug

calculate - also work out at for specific amounts

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