Phrasal verbs 2019

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(syn. to write down) to write sth that you are looking at or listening to/spisać,
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to take down sth
I came across an interesting book in the library. I took down the title, here it is.
If a machine ......, it does not work properly.
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to play up
We invited some friends home to watch a film, but the video was playing up and it eventually broke down.
to start to talk about a particular subject/poruszyć, podnieść temat
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to bring up sth
I brought up this problem at the last meeting. It is really time to sort out the problem.
to decide that a planned event, esp. a sports event or a meeting will not happen
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to call sth off
He's put the meeting off three times and now he wants to call it off altogether.
to take care of or be in charge of someone or something/opiekować się, pilnować, zajmować się
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to look after sth/sb
She looked after the children when their mother was in hospital.
to eat in a restaurant, not at home
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to eat out
I don't eat out often because in a long run it is really pricey.
to think that sb is less important than you or to think that something is not good enough for you to use.
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to look down on sb/sth
She seems to look down on people who are less intelligent than her.
to succed in not being criticized or punished for sth wrong that you have done/ujść na sucho, uniknąć kary
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to get away with sth
How can some students get away with doing no work and yet pass the exams?
(syn. tolerate) to accept unpleasant behaviour or an unpleasant situation, even though you do not like it/wytrzymywać z kimś, cierpliwie coś znosić
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to put up with sth/sb
Her son is terrible. I don't know how she puts up with him.
to take someone to a place that they want to go (or to deliver sth to a place), usually in a car, often when you are going somewhere else
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to drop off sb/sth, to drop sb/sth off
The woman dropped off the chair at my house for free. Arek would always drop me off at my house in Drzewica.
(esp. an illness) to feel physically or mentally better after an illness or an upsetting experience
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to get over sth
It took him long time to get over his illness.
to continue to do sth or to do sth again and again
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to keep on doing sth
It isn't easy to learn phrasal verbs but you must keep on trying.
to do the opposite of what someone has asked or advised you to do/postępować wbrew
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to go against sb/sth
I would never go agaist my parent's wishes.
if an engine, machine or piece of equipment ......, it suddenly stops working
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to cut out
About five miles into our journey the engine cut out and we stopped completely. It was over an hour before the rescue service turned up.
to be tricked into believing sth that is not true/dać się nabrać, ale też zakochiwać się w jeżeli występuje z osobą
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to fall for sth
I fell for his story about having lost all his money. How stupid I was.
(phrasal) syn. to skip, to omit, not to incude sb or sth
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to leave out
If you want to call me from abroad, leave out the first zero in my number.
to escape from
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to get away from
Three prisoners got away from the prison yesterday.
to issue, release or produce information e.g. statement, warning, press release and make it available to read or hear
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to put out sth
The government have put out a statement condemning the recent protests.

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