murder in the bush 1-22

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someone who works to protect animals, plants etc or to protect old buildings
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the brutal murder of conservationist Joan Root
to hide something by covering or surrounding it:
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Visitors have complained about the scaffolding that shrouds half the castle.
the brutal murder is still shrouded in mystery
if a dangerous person or animal is _____, they have escapefrom somewhere or have not been caught: na wolnosci
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at large
her killers are still at large.
a bridegroom:
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Wild animals were the true wedding court of this bride and groom,
the type of speech used by people from the East End of London: who has a particular way of speaking which is typical of working class people who live there
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the son of a cockney meatpacker,
a place where animals are killed for their meat
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he run a slaughterhouse
in large amounts or to a very great degree:
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in spades
Everything Joan was not - outgoing, extroverted - Alan had in spades.
relating to the time when human life on earth began:
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Like the non-verbal communication between animals, it was just there - deep and primal
If an animal...... someone, it attacks that person and injures them with its teeth or claws (= long sharp nails):
if an animal ______ someone, it injures them badly by tearing their flesh
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A small boy was mauled by the neighbour's dog.
they were being chased, mauled, gored and stung by every conceivable creature
(of an animal) to cause an injury to someone, or damage something, with the horns or tusks:
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gored by a bull.
they were being chased, mauled, gored and stung by every conceivable creature
possible to imagine or to believe:
mozlliwy do pomyslenia
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they were being chased, mauled, gored and stung by every conceivable creature
relating to vehicles that operate both on land and in water:
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amphibious car
they covered much of Africa in their amphibious car.
making you feel slightly frightened or worried about your ability to achieve something: oniesmielajacy
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Joan often performed the more daunting role
drzewo cierniste
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thorn tree
Who was up a thorn tree ready to warn of a wildebeest herd thundering their way?
a large African animal with a long tail and horns that curve to the sides that lives in areas covered in grass antylopa gnu
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a wildebeest herd thunderied their way
to turn from something solid into something soft or liquid, or to cause something to do this:
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Whose shoes were melted by volcanic lava
great ability or skill
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He's always boasting about his sexual prowess. athletic/sporting prowess.
He was at the height of his powers as a man.
to remove something or set something free with difficulty:
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Alan met a woman who he would find it difficult - to extricate himself from.
used to describe people or animals that are easy to love because they are so attractive and often small:
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She also had two adorable, sociable children
a short and not very serious sexual relationship
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she tried to convince herself that it was a temporary fling. flung, flung
a serious disease in which the body produces too many white blood cells
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Then Jennie was diagnosed with leukaemia
(the act of) forcing someone, or being forced, to leave a school, organization, or country:
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They threatened him with expulsion from school.
she could not have foreseen her attempted expulsion of Joan from his life.

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