Reviews of crime novels

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the occasion when someone performs or presents something to the public for the first time:
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She made her professional stage debut in Swan Lake.
someone who owes money
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Student loans force students to graduate as debtors.
to include someone or something as an important part:
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The movie features James Dean as a disaffected teenager.
someone who is not suited to a situation or who is not accepted by other people because their behaviour is strange or unusual:
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I didn't really know anyone at the party, so I felt like a misfit.
to interest or attract someone:
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I think what appeals to me about his painting is his use of colour.
someone who strongly supports an idea, plan, person, etc.
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She has been an adherent of home schooling for years
away from the correct path or correct way of doing something:
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The letter must have gone astray in the post.
having a lot of small parts or pieces arranged in a complicated way, and therefore sometimes difficult to understand in detail:
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The novel’s intricate plot will not be easy to translate into a movie
to make a secret plan to do something wrong, harmful, or illegal:
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They're plotting (together) to take over the company.
a book, play, or film that has an exciting story, often about solving a crime:
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It's described here as a taut psychological thriller.
a style, especially in the arts, that involves a particular set of characteristics:
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What genre does the book fall into - comedy or tragedy?
a book with a cover made of thick paper:
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I'll buy some paperbacks at the airport.
to turn something, especially repeatedly, or to turn or wrap one thing around another:
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The path twists and turns for over a mile.
the end of something, or the time when you end it:
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"Let's draw this meeting to a close, gentlemen," said the chairman.
to move or spread slowly out of a hole or through something:
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Pesticides are seeping out of farmland and into the water supply.
strange or mysterious; difficult or impossible to explain:
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an uncanny resemblance
to make cloth by repeatedly crossing a single thread through two sets of long threads on a loom (= special frame):
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wove or US also weaved | woven or US also weaved
This type of wool is woven into fabric which will make jackets.
used to compare two things or ideas, especially when you have to choose between them:
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(written abbreviation vs, vs., UK also v)
private education versus state education

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