Love phrases in Romanian

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I love you
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Te iubesc
You are my soulmate
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Tu ești sufletul meu pereche
I fell in love with you
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M-am îndrăgostit de tine
You make me happy
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Mă faci fericit
fericită (fem)
I adore you
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Te ador
You are a part of me
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Esti o parte din mine
I miss you
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Mi-e dor de tine
I think of you
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Mă gândesc la tine
I love you will all my soul/all my heart
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Te iubesc din tot sufletul/din toată inima
I like you
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Îmi place de tine
You are the love of my life
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Ești dragostea vieții mele
You are the girl/guy of my dreams
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Ești fata/băiatul visurilor mele
My heart belongs to you
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Inima mea îți aparține
You entered my soul
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Mi-ai intrat în suflet
You brought color to my life
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Ai adus culoare în viața mea
I've been thinking of you all day long
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M-am gândit la tine toată ziua
You stole my heart
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Mi-ai furat inima
You are my universe
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Ești universul meu
I'd like to kiss you
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Aș vrea să te sărut
My love
empezar lección
Iubirea mea
Dragul meu (masc)
My dear
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Draga mea
Scumpul meu (masc)
My precious
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Scumpa mea
Iubita mea (fem)
My beloved
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Iubitul meu
My angel
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Îngerașul meu

A few interesting facts about Romanian before learning it

The Romanian language is the only Romance language that is still spoken in Eastern Europe, although it suffered many changes due to the Slavic influences. It has 75% os lexical similarity to Latin. Isn't that impressive? About 25 million people in the world speak Romanian and so will you! It is taught as a second language in more than 40 countries. Also, many vowels of the Romanian language are words at the same time. So fun, right? Are you ready to learn the Romanian phrases love with us? Do you want to show your feelings using these Romanian phrases love? Then start learning now!

Learning Romanian easily

That's what VocApp is here for! We develop free Romanian language lessons and professional Romanian courses for you to enjoy studying and achieve great results. Our flashcards will teach you the Romanian vocabulary you wish to now! For example, this lesson will teach you Romanian phrases love that will help you impress a dear person! Our lessons are audio lessons at the same time so don't worry about the Romanian pronunciation, you'll repeat the Romanian phrases love and get them perfectly! Learning Romanian online has never been that easy! All you need to do is find time to practice the Romanian phrases love and enjoy the results!

Do you want to learn romantic Romanian phrases

This Romanian lesson was created especially for it! Here are some reasons why you should learn these Romanian phrases love:
  • 1. This lesson includes many of the Romanian phrases love and words that natives use, so you can impress your Romanian girlfriend by expressing your feelings in the most romantic way!
  • 2. The vocabulary list of this lesson will serve as a Romanian dictionary of Romanian phrases love!
  • 3. With its help, you will learn what do the Romanian phrases love like "te iubesc", "dragostea mea", "puiul meu", "inima mea" mean in Romanian.
  • 4. The lesson will teach you how to pronounce these Romanian phrases love and how to use them if you have feelings for someone.
  • 5. You will be able to say I love you, my heart is yours and many more Romanian love phrases and we are sure your loved one will be surprised and happy!
It's time to proceed to the lesson and learn the Romanian phrases love! If you are interested in other interesting Romanian lessons, here's one we are sure you will like: Funny Romanian words and expressions. It will definitely impress and amuse your partner! Learn Romanian with VocApp's flashcards to make it easy and fun to remember new words!

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