Lista de verbos en infinitivo

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to hug

to open

go to bed

to shave

have lunch

to walk

to turn off

to tidy

to attend

to help

to dance

to bathe

to sweep

to drink

to kiss

to look for

to fall

to walk

to sing

get married

to hunt

have dinner

to brush

to close

to cook

to start / to begin

to compete

to buy

to understand

to conclude

to drive

to know

to build

to count

to run

to cut

to cost

to create

to grow

to believe

have breakfast

to undo

empezar lección
to wake up

to destroy

to return, to give back

to draw

to distribute

to have fun

to hurt

to sleep


to start

to fall in love

to love (things)

to turn on

to find

to get sick

to teach

to understand

to choose

to write

to listen

to wait (for somebody)

to study

to explain

to like

to have

to speak

to boil (eggs, water)

to import

to include

to influence

to interest

to play

to join

to wash

to clean

to call

to arrive

to carry

llevar puesto
empezar lección
to wear

to rain

to handle

empezar lección
to put make up on

to improve

to lie

to look

to bother, to disturb, to upset

to ride

to show

to be born

to swim

to need

to snow

to get, to receive

to smell

to forget

to organize

to participate

to pass

to comb

to think

to lose

to fish

to be able

to possess / to have

to practice

to prefer

to ask

to prepare

to present, to show, to introduce

to lend (somebody)

to pronounce / to articulate

to stay

to want

to remove

to pick up

to remember

to laugh

to repeat

to respect

to respond, to answer

to break

to know

to take out

to leave

to follow

to sit

to feel

to serve

to dream

to smile

to suggest

to have

Tener contacto con algo.
empezar lección
to touch

Hacer sonar un instrumento
empezar lección
to play

to take / to drink

to work

to translate

to bring

to come

to dress

to travel

to visit

to live

to return

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