intracellular communication

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very long actin-rich filopodia-like structure to connect neighbor cells by adhesion
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shedding vesicles formation of lipid raft  bussing  fission, rich in cholesterol, sphingomyelin and ganglioside
Endocrine system
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specialized in glandular cells, transport in bloodstream, slow but long effect
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small round veiscles, released from multivesicular bodies, rich in cholesterol, sphingomyelin and ceramide, and miRNA and mRNA
Gap junctions
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cell-contact dependent transport of small soluble molecules  narrow pore between adjacent cells  2 connexons  6 connexin proteins  4 transmembrane domans
Immunological synapses
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interface between an antigen-presenting cell and a lymphocyte to activate the lymphocyte (cytolytic effect)
Neurological synapses
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excitation transmission from sensory cells and neurons to other neurons and effectors
Paracrine signaling
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local diffusion through the ECM, for nearby cells, for quick responses for shot amount of time
Signaling filopodia
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directed juxtracrine signaling between distant cells
Tunneling nanotubes
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cellular protrusions filled with actin presenting a mechanism for direct, long-range intercelullar communication  membranous and cytoplasmic continuity between remote cells.

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