Gopnik Subculture

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Who is a gopnik?
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A gopnik is a stereotypical young man, usually from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or other post-soviet country, who normally comes from low-income background in suburban areas of industrial cities. Gopniks are quite aggressive and rude, oftentimes they are provoking conflicts with the others, especially by-passers and residents from other neighbourhoods.
When did gopniks appear?
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Gopniks emerged in the first half of XX century with main periods of activity being 1910's - 1950's and 1980's till now.
Where do gopniks hang out and what do they do?
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Gopniks are usually found on porches of apartment blocks "na rayone" which means "in the neighbourhood" in Russian. They eat "semki" - sunflower seeds, sit in a squat-like position called "kortany" and try to provoke the people around them and start a fight. They can also listen to songs by Russian chansonniers or thieves' kind of music.
How can you spot a gopnik?
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Gopniks often wear black or navy tracksuits, favorite brand is Adidas (mainly counterfeit). Sometimes they have lighters or prayer beads, the latter may be come from being imprisoned. They sit in squats and don't lift their heels from the grownd, as well as smoke, drink beer and loudly speak in jargon.
What to do if a gopnik spotted you?
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Do not try to beat his face, hit him with electroshock or fight him, because gopniks usually come in groups. You can try to run only if you are alone and are sure you'll be able to outrun the gopnik. If their goal is just to pick on you, there's a chance to settle the argument verbally by following gopniks' "rules and code". If the intention is clearly to rob you and take your possessions, better give it up voluntarily to avoid bruises or broken bones.
Are gopniks still a thing?
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Over the last decade the subculture became much less visible due to improvements in social and economical environments in the countries where gopniks were present. Nevertheless, in some regions, where towns and cities are still underdeveloped, they can be found in suburban areas.
How to become a gopnik?
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Weird question, but we'll help you anyway. To become an original gopnik you have to get a tracksuit and flat cap to polish your looks, loose a tooth or two to have more charm and find friends to enjoy this jorney with you. Together you can listen to Russian rap from 2000's, sit in squats and eat sunflower seeds at the same time booing and picking on any passer-by.
Is there a female version of gopnik?
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There is! A female-gopnik is called gopnitsa. They can look either very similar to their male "collegues" or dress in fake Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana and wear long acrilic nails. They generally dress in very revealing way and wear bright makeup to show off their femininity.

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