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término English
definición English

to make a serious request to someone or something or to please or attract someone

appealing to or stimulating the appetite especially in appearance or aroma

capable of being applied, having relevance

apprenticed to
empezar lección
to assign someone to work at a certain trade and learn it from someone experienced

to come near/nearer to something or begin work on sth

empezar lección
close to or around

arch criminal
empezar lección
highly skilled criminal

empezar lección
related to, dealing with or devoted to archaeology

a bishop of the highest rank, heading an archdiocese or province

one who designs and supervises constructions

empezar lección
given to arguing, disputatious

having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance

articulated lorry
empezar lección
a truck consisting of a tractor and trailer together

artificial intelligence
empezar lección
the ability of a machine to perform activities that are normally thought to require intelligence

the act or process of rising or going upward

excluding or except for

ways in which something can be viewed by the mind or a characteristic or feature of sth

to bring, gather, call or fit together parts into a group or whole

to state or express positively, to affirm, to defend or maintain

to determine or estimate the value of sth for taxation (banking and finance)

taking something for granted or accepted as truth

empezar lección
causing great surprise or amazement

not knowing what to do or say in a particular situation or selling smth loosing money in the sale

choosing without a particular method or smth happening without a definite plan or pattern

at the forefront
empezar lección
of a campaign or activity: leading / of smn's mind: think about it a lot because it is imp. to them

at your fingertips
empezar lección
when something can be reached easily or is easily avaliable to you

attached to
empezar lección
affectionate towards, devoted, engaged or partnered

a supplementary part, an accessory or sth attached to a primary sth

the view or behaviour towards sth and position of the body indicating mood or emotion

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