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1. near near

Sit near here.
Forks were used for many years in Europe and the Near East, but only for cooking.
If there is nothing near them that needs doing, they are sure to go and find something.
If you go near a camel, you risk being bitten.
Tom managed a small bar near Boston for quite a few years.
When I got out of prison, I couldn't find a job anywhere near my home since no one would hire an ex-con.
Cesar Chavez was born on a small farm near Yuma, Arizona in 1927.
Roger Miller entered the United States Army at the age of seventeen. He was sent to an army base near Atlanta, Georgia.
Wherever you go, you see a lot of bicycles left on sidewalks near stations.
I warned you not to get near him, didn't I?
I end up unconsciously trying to get fit as summer draws near.
Since I live near Canada, I'd prefer to learn the kind of French spoken in Canada.
Fear of pollution discouraged people from building homes near power plants.
I am terribly busy because the report deadline is near.
Would you please reserve a room near the Toronto international Airport?

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2. close to

I adore holiday destinations close to water
I’m very close to my mum and we speak on the phone every day.
I’m very close to my mum and we speak every day.
I'm very close to my elder sister.
The school is close to the centre
My house is close to the sea.
you're very close to me

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3. close

We're close friends.
They urged close economic and diplomatic ties with Britain.
Many of the city's leading restaurants close down for the whole of August.
No matter how close we may be, I can not ask him to do that.
If you take a close look, you'll find that your friends and you have similar personalities.
The police usually close their eyes to cars parked on the street.
I live close to my school so it takes me just a few minutes to get there
The Nikkei Stock Average lost nearly 200 points to close yesterday at 18,000.
In retrospect, it may seem obvious that we shouldn't have been burning our trash so close to our house.
Keep a close eye on Tom and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.
Your point may be a little off target, but it certainly is close.
To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart.
IBM has the lion's share of the large computer market; nobody else even comes close.
Solar energy seems to offer more hope than any other source of energy, particularly because those areas most in need of water lie rather close to the equator and have a relatively clear atmosphere.

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4. thereabout

He was from Texas or thereabout.

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5. nearby

If you can't go to an English-speaking country to study, perhaps you can find an English native speaker living nearby that can help you learn English.
It's nearby.
I wish to know a landmark nearby so I can find my way there.
1. Whoever attacked them could still be nearby. / 2. I can show you an excellent place quite nearby.
We could hear the donnnng ... donnnng of the church bells nearby.
When Yoko and I heard the sirens stop nearby, we quickly decided to go check it out.
The rent can be a bit expensive, but something nearby would be best.
If you frequently spit-up blood you should call an ambulance or have a nearby physician make a house call.
This house is nearby, it has two bedrooms and a living room, and the decoration isn't bad; it's 1500 a month.
A nearby town even considered becoming part of the neighboring state. They really just wanted lower taxes.
Researchers at the Gorilla Foundation have to spell out words like "c-a-n-d-y" and "g-u-m" when Koko is nearby.
Shimamura, while he was in the inn's entrance, looked at the nearby mountain bathed in the strong smell of fresh leaves and went to climb the mountain as if drawn by this smell.
We knocked on the door of a nearby house and told what had happened.
We often play football in the nearby park, which is only five minutes' walk from our house.
1. Maybe she is somewhere nearby you. / 2. I rode my bike over to a cemetery nearby.

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6. closely

I became aware of being closely observed by a man sitting next to me.
They studied them closely.
The body and the mind of man are so closely bound together that whatever affects one affects the other.
In preparation for painting a portrait, my friend takes many photographs in order to study the subject closely.
to watch somebody closely
And yet the large blocks of stone are fitted together so closely that you cannot put in the point of a knife between them.
Our ancestors used animals to name the years of people's births as their lives were closely connected to these animals.
We need to study the cause and effect of the accident closely.
The 48-year-old Ryouichi Kawakatsu took over as coach at Fukuoka in June this year, but his fate is closely linked with that of 46-year-old Matsuda.
I have read your letter closely, and your situation seems very typical and foreseeable in a relationship.
Japanese consumers are watching closely the U.S. government's efforts to make Japan dismantle various restrictions on imports of foreign goods into the country.
Like it or not, we're in this together. All we can do is work as closely as if we were joined at the hip.
Budget items that received priority are education, social security and other fields that are closely related to people's lives.
What a nice flower. I want to take a look at it closely.
A megalopolis is a network of multiple closely linked metropolitan areas.

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7. nigh

The end is nigh.
The zombie apocalypse is nigh!

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8. close near

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9. intimately

Local residents are intimately familiar with the area.
We are more than friends. We are like sisters. We know each other intimately.
we talk about two intimately connected ideas—procrastination and memory.
However, Europe's future is intimately linked to the fate of developing countries.

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