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1. far

It's not so far.
Only those who risk going too far will know how far one can go.
Several yachts were sailing side by side far out at sea.
I cannot see the hummingbird, because it is too far away.
We found a beautiful, blue lagoon on the far side of the island.
His ideas were too far advanced to be accepted by ordinary people.
I am trying to sell my farm, but I haven't had any offers so far.
Quasars are brilliantly shining heavenly bodies that are extremely far away.
Guys that handsome are few and far between.
I've come this far, so I'll keep going.
If you compare our product with others, you'll see ours is far better in quality.
It's too far to walk to the station, so let's take a bus.
Your gift will go far towards helping to build the children's hospital.
The invention of the telephone made it possible to communicate with people far away.
Our task has been easy so far, but it will be difficult from now on.

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2. far away

Their family asked why she had to go so far away.
I live far away from here.

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3. away

Go away.
After battling cancer for several years, he finally passed away at the age of 87.
Tom gave away all his money, then committed suicide.
If I should be suddenly spoken to in English, I might run away.
Do you intend to throw away in one instant what our family has painstakingly built up?
Fully booked for the night, the hotel had to turn away some late guests.
Birds can fly thousands of miles away and return to the same place every year.
He gave away about one-tenth of his income to the poor.
Even if you go far away, let's keep in touch with each other over the phone.
The king was tired of his sycophants always praising him, so he sent them away.
Don't make any noise or you'll scare the birds away.
She bought him a dog. However, he was allergic to dogs, so they had to give it away.
He had his license taken away because of reckless driving.
Even if you go away, I'll still passionately love you.
Forests regulate the water cycle and take away harmful carbon dioxide.

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4. a long way

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5. far off

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6. nowhere near

This design is nowhere near our invention
He is nowhere near the truth.

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