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1. between

Choose between these two.
Thursday Island is situated in the Torres Strait between Australia's northernmost Cape York and New Guinea.
As cultural exchange continued between the two countries, their mutual understanding became even deeper.
It is essential that some kind of compromise be reached between Pyongyang and Washington.
The discrepancy between the stories of the two parties involved in the accident was so great that the authorities had a hard time deciding which side was telling the truth.
In 1978 a peace treaty was concluded between Japan and China.
Diplomatic relations have not yet been established between Japan and North Korea.
In Japan, relations between neighbors are apt to be cooler than in USA.
Even now, many years after the Cold War, there is still much rancor between the Russians and the Germans, especially in areas once occupied by the Soviet Union.
Between 1820 and 1973, the United States admitted more than 46 million immigrants.
In general, communication between doctors and their patients is the most important part of medical treatment.
Between meals, he usually manages to stow away a generous supply of candy, ice cream, popcorn and fruit.
Suddenly, there was a period of terrible violence and hatred between blacks and whites.
It's over between us. Give me back my ring!
We're torn between going to a hot spring and going skiing.

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2. among

My next door neighbor is a virtuoso whose skills with the piano have earned him a name among music experts.
among pupils
That way you keep thinking about me but are unable to admit to your feelings, that hot and cold feel is a real boom among young men!
Maori culture is now spreading more and more among us and their language has become an official language.
Among the critics are those who think that the objective set for the European Central Bank is not appropriate.
All who have ever written on government are unanimous, that among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.
Initially this gave rise to gossip among petty people, and it gradually provoked criticism from members of our family.
Numerous violent and sudden casualties among C++ developers are caused by segmentation faults every year.
My school has Uighur, Han, Kazakh, Hui, Mongol, Kirghiz, Xibo, Tajik, and Uzbek ethnicities, among others.
The aim of this report is to explain why there is the problem of obesity among primary school children and how this problem could be resolved.
Yea, would to God, I were among the roses, That lean to kiss you as you float between While on the lowest branch a bud uncloses A bud uncloses, to touch you, my queen.
Although I modified this extravagance later by including the beautiful life among the works of art that alone gave a meaning to life, it was still beauty that I valued.
Amazing! This moving a story is a first for me! It's truly an epic among epics!
среди друзей|among friends

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Good look is important
MF, 19.03.2016

3. in between

If you only go to the supermarket once a month, what do you do in between times?
We typically have three meals a day with two snacks in between.

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4. by and between

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5. amidst

if something happens amidst other events, feelings, or activities, it happens with those things happening all around at the same time. To be amidst people means to have people all around you. Amidst is a literary word, and the usual word is amid

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