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bankomat inglés:

1. cash machine cash machine

Let’s stop off at the cash machine so I can get more money out.
I took £30 out of the cash machine.
Where is a cash machine?
Is there a cash machine near here?
synonym: ATM, cashpoint Where is the nearest cash machine
Excuse me, where is the nearest cash machine?
The cash machine doesn't work.
You don't pay when you take money out of a cash machine or ATM. (US)
The cash machine wasn't invented until 1967.
I need money, where can I find the cash machine?
Where's the nearest cash machine?
I take out money from a cash machine.
He was taking money from the cash machine when they robbed him.
I withdrew £100 from the cash machine.
I will go to the cash machine to take out some money.

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2. cash dispenser cash dispenser

Stop here for a moment, I need to take out some money from the cash dispenser.
Where can I find the closest cash dispenser?

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3. ATM

My credit card was rejected by the ATM.
Where is the ATM?
The ATM was out of order.
You can go the ATM and withdraw some more cash.
He withdrew £50 from the ATM.
ATM swallowed my cart
synonym: cash machine, cashpoint Is there an ATM near this shop
take money out of ATM
Could you please tell me where I can find an ATM?
That ATM at the supermarket, does it work?
Could not find the right menu option in the ATM.

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4. hole in the wall

When you need cash you usually can't find the stupid hole in the wall anywhere.
This may be a hole in the wall but it's mine.

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5. cash point

The nearest cash point is on Chabry.

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6. ATM machine

7. bank machine

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