Italian culture

Italian culture
Get ready to immerse yourself in the Italian culture and history!

Our course will take into a real journey: you can learn more about geography, history, and famous movies.
Are you fund of the of Italian food? We will share with you the most famous and delicious recipes.
Do you love football? Come and figure out the biggest Italian football players and athletes.
Last but not least: discover more about Italian Opera composers and poets! Cosa aspetti? :)
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Italian composers and musiciansItalian composers and musicians  
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Top 10 pieces of Italian OperaTop 10 pieces of Italian Opera  
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Top 10 Italian MoviesTop 10 Italian Movies  
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Top 12 Italian writersTop 12 Italian writers  
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Top Italian food recipesTop Italian food recipes  
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Touristic spots in ItalyTouristic spots in Italy  
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Typical Italian hand gesturesTypical Italian hand gestures  
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Famous Italian sportsmenFamous Italian sportsmen  
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Famous Italian celebrations and eventsFamous Italian celebrations and events  
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Dos and Don'tsDos and Don'ts  
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