Top 10 Italian Movies

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Ladri di biciclette (1948) by Vittorio De Sica together with Lamberto Maggiorani and Sergio Leone.
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Antonio Ricci started his career in Rome during the post war period in 60’. He finds a job in which for which it is necessary a bike, however, on the first day. the bike is stolen. So, he decides to stole a bike but he is busted by police.
La dolce vita (1960) by Federico Fellini with Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg.
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The journalist Marcello Rubini investigates about worldly roman life with his friend Paparazzo. Despite Marcello engaged, he has a love affair with Sylvia, a famous foreign actress who goes to Rome.
Divorzio all'italiana (1961) by Pietro Germi with Stefania Sandrelli and Marcello Mastroianni.
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The story is about Ferdinando who loves Angela but he is married with Rosalia. He organises a trap to incriminate his wife thanks to the return of a her old flame, as an excuse to kill her. So he goes to jail for killing his wife and then marries Angela.
Il buono, il brutto e il cattivo (1966) by Sergio Leone with Clint Eastwood.
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It is one of the most famous spaghetti western movie. During the American Civil War, there are three main protagonists in which coexist beauty, ugliness and humanity. The purpose of the director is to condemn the insanity of war and the history of USA.
Profondo Rosso (1975) by Dario Argento with David Hemmings and Daria Nicolodi.
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It is a film which represents a fundamental passage of professional director’s life from thriller movies to horror ones. The well known soundtrack was composed and performed by a rock progressive band called Globin.
Non ci resta che piangere (1984) by Roberto Benigni and Massimo Troisi.
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It is set in Tuscany countrysides during 1984 where two friends, Mario and Saverio, who decide to drive through the countryside where they find an accomodation in a inn. The next morning they realise they traveled back in time, the current year is 1500.
C'era una volta in America (1984) di Sergio Leone con Robert De Niro e James Woods.
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It is taken from a novel. It talks about the criminal David “Noodles” Aaronson and his friends who move from the Jewish ghetto to New York in order to enjoy its criminal life during the prohibitionism and post-prohibitionism.
Nuovo Cinema Paradiso (1988) by Giuseppe Tornatore.
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Salvatore is the main protagonist: he left Sicily and he lives in Roma in order to work as movie director. A day he found out that his sicilian friend, Alfredo, is died and this news brings Salvatore at his childhood when he was in Sicily.
La vita è bella (1997) by Roberto Benigni.
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This movie won three Oscar awards for main protagonist, best foreign Language film and Best soundtrack. The film is about the story of Guido, Dora and Giosuè during the historical period of fascism and of the deportation of Jews.
La grande bellezza (2013) by Paolo Sorrentino with Toni Servillo.
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Jep Gambardella is a journalist and theatre critic who participates at parties and events of Rome. Jep has a bad new: his real love but ex girlfriend, Elisa, is dead. So, he starts a long meditation about his life, and the life in high society.

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