German in 1 day

German in 1 day
Learn some basic German words and phrases with ease

Find out how to say some basic and most important words in German
Don't be afraid of "ß", "ü", "ö", "ä"... - we will teach you how to pronounce them!
Get to know some basic grammar rules and understand how to use them in practice
Having a simple conversation in German would be “einfach” for you!
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10 words in 60 seconds - 10 Wörter in 60 Sekunden  
10 tarjetas
You already know that! - Das kennst du schon!  
11 tarjetas
Questions - Fragen  
15 tarjetas
Courtesy words and phrases - Höflichkeitsformeln  
18 tarjetas
People - Personen  
37 tarjetas
Actions - Aktivitäten  
19 tarjetas
Untranslatable words - Unübersetzbare Wörter  
9 tarjetas