Cereals in Greek

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σιτηρά (ο.πλ.)
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σιτάρι (ο.)
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σίκαλη (θ.)
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βρώμη (θ.)
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καλαμπόκι (ο.)
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κριθάρι (ο.)
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κεχρί (ο.)

Cereals in Greek

Learn the basic vocabulary in Greek and start with Cereals! Did you know the spelling of Cereals in Greek too? You will get the answer in our lesson Cereals in Greek and get to know other wordsin Greek language! You will also have an opportunity to improve your Greek pronunciation with audio recordings of the Greek words! The magic of language learning is that you never know when you are going to need the word that you have at the tip of your tongue! Learn Cereals in Greek and never forget it again!

Motivation to master Greek

In case you didn't know, studying a foreign language makes you smarter! It is proven that it activates areas in your brain, responsible for memory! Besides, you will speak Greek language, which means infinite professional, academical and social opportunities! If that's not enough for you, think about it as a challenge or Learning a new language is not so widespread. You could obtain a admirable result "almost" alone!

How to learn Greek for good

The VocApp team has prepared for you a lesson on Cereals in Greek in the form of a list of flashcards. It is proven that the best way to learn foreign languages is to learn vocabulary topic by topic. Therefore, you should definitely try out our lessons on Greek. They cover a huge amount of Greek vocabulary! If you learn with us, you can be sure you will not forget the learnt Greek words! Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of that by scheduling study time in the most effective way!

Learn Greek fast and efficiently!

Save time thanks to the VocApp Spaced Repetition System! It will expand your active vocabulary in the most time-saving way! You can also master your pronunciation in Greek with our audio recordings!

Other Greek flashcards that may interest you!

Have you taken a look at our Greek language courses? If you liked this lesson, you might want to try our professional flashcards sets designed by linguists! If you liked our lesson Cereals in Greek, we are pretty sure you can benefit from the other ones. Don't forget to check our other lessons on Greek.

Flashcards will let you quickly build up your vocabulary and Greek skills.

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