Vegetables in Greek

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λαχανικά (ο.πλ.)
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καρότο (ο.)
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πατάτα (θ.)
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λάχανο (ο.)
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μαρούλι (ο.)
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μπρόκολο (ο.)
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κρεμμύδι (ο.)
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κολοκύθι (ο.)
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φασόλι (ο.)
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αγγούρι (ο.)
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ντομάτα (θ.)
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σπανάκι (ο.)
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πιπέρι (ο.)
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παντζάρι (ο.)

Vegetables in Greek

Broaden your vocabulary in Greek and start with Vegetables! VocApp uses the multisensory flashcards to teach you Vegetables in Greek in the shortest time possible! Audio recordings let you get the right |correct pronunciation of the word, and pictures will get Vegetables in Greek into one's head for good! Do you know the spelling of Vegetables in Greek too? Look up the answer in our lesson Vegetables in Greek and get to know other wordsin Greek!

Reasons to study Greek

In case you didn't know, learning a foreign language makes you smarter! It is proven that it activates areas in your brain, responsible for memory! Additionally, you will speak Greek, which means infinite academical, social and professional opportunities! Are you still not persuaded? Hm, probably you are not someone who likes to be challenged ...! Speaking a new language is not so widespread. You could achieve a noticeable result "almost" alone! Do you think you can become familiar with a new language with us? Give us (and give yourself) the possibility!

How to learn Greek efficiently

The key to success is to revise vocabulary often but not too often. Our language learning application will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the words in Greek you did not know, making you remember more in less time!

Learn Greek fast and efficiently!

If you feel shy while speaking Greek language, you might want to take a look at our lessons and gain the confidence by studying Greek language casually!

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Have you already taken a look at our Greek language courses? If you liked this lesson, you might want to try our professional flashcards sets tailored by linguists! If you liked our lesson Vegetables in Greek, we are sure you can benefit from the other ones. Don't forget to check our other lessons on Greek language.

Learn common Greek online and attain systematic learning.

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