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tight deadlines
Are you good at meeting tight deadlines?
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napięte terminy
heavy workload
Would you be willing to take on a heavy workload?
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duży nakład pracy
close-knit community
Would you enjoy being a part of a close-knit community at work?
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zwarta społeczność
make the best of something
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zrobić coś jak najlepiej
take the time to do sth
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trochę czasu, aby zrobić coś
take sth in your stride
Which difficult things do you take in your stride?
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robić coś trudnego bez wysiłku
be taken aback by someone
Have you ever been taken aback by someone's behaviour?
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być zaskoczonym przez kogoś
take no notice of sth
Which things do you take no notice of?
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ignorować coś
take pleasure in sth
We bought an old barn and took great pleasure in rebuilding it.
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cieszyć się robieniem czegoś
take pity on someone
Have you ever helped someone that you took pity on?
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litować się nad kimś
take exception to something
Have you ever taken exception to anything someone has said?
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być czymś zdenerwowanym lub złym z powodu czegoś
snap sth up
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upolować coś (kupić)
to stand somebody in good stead
I have learnt a lot of things which have stood me in good stead
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coś będzie dla kogoś korzystne w przyszłości
from all walks of life
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z różnych środowisk, grup społecznych
part and parcel
Dealing with a wide variety of people from all walks of life was part and parcel of the job.
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nieodłączna część, cecha
crop up
Her name keeps cropping up in conversation.
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pojawić się niespodziewanie
against the odds
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pomimo trudności, przeszkód
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CV (Ameryka)
Have you ever found paying off a loan daunting?
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trudne, niekomfortowe, rodzące zmartwienia, trudności
I didn't like that job, I was doing it half-heartedly for a year.
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bez przekonania, entuzjazmu
It is hard to find a good job and you need to do a lot of networking.
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tworzenie sieci kontaktów w danej branży
scrape through
I managed to scrape through chemistry exams.
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ledwie się udać, ledwie dać radę coś zrobić z trudem
As a young barrister he had to shadow his mentor. He was a mentee.
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naśladować kogoś będącego mentorem, promotorem
work placement
All students are undertaking work placements in local businesses one day a week for 12 weeks.
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win someone's trust
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zdobyć zaufanie kogoś
care for sb
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dbać o kogoś
to dispute claims
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obalać twierdzenia
to be under no illusion
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nie mieć żadnych złudzeń co do
extend beyond
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wykraczać poza
a ferocious dog/battle
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okrutny, srogi, dziki
It takes a great deal of endurance to be a marathon runner.
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Potrzeba dużej wytrzymałości, by być maratończykiem.
beneficial to
A stay in the country will be beneficial to his health.
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korzystne dla
prone to sth
Sports people are prone to injury.
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podatny na
severity of sth
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dotkliwość, surowość czegoś
pull down
The old bus station was pulled down.
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rozbierać, burzyć
The number of students now has reached an all-time high.
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wszech czasów
stained glass
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It's traditional for a man to carry his bride over the threshold.
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We drained the swimming pool.
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rura odprowadzająca ścieki, osuszać
The inert figure of a lying man could be seen in front of the car.
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obojętny, bezwładny
bewildering (confusing)
He gave me directions to his house but I found them utterly bewildering.
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oszałamiający (negatywnie), zadziwiający, trudny do zrozumienia
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spójność z sensem
each to his own
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co kto lubi
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the other day
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onegdaj, kilka dni temu
He behaved with utter ruthlessness.
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in excess of
There will be an increase in tax for those earning in excess of the national average wage.
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cater for
The club caters for children between four and twelve.
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zaspokoić, dostarczać
Their prices are better than any of their competitors.
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niepewny siebie
They had the ability to perform in a very pressurised environment.
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pod presją, naciskiem
I have invited a lot of people to the party, but I'm a little apprehensive that no one will come.
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spostrzegawczy/ zmartwiony, zlękniony
All the other teachers are thoroughly disillusioned with their colleague.
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obdarty z wszelkich złudzeń
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a muddled legal situation
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The bar code had to store encoded message about the product.
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have a great deal of difficulty
Simon had a great deal of difficulty in following the recipe book.
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mieć duże trudności
to be on the point of doing sth
As we were on the point of giving up hope, a letter arrived.
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zamierzać coś wkrótce zrobić
come as a disappointment
News of the cancellation of the match came as a disappointment.
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być rozczarowaniem
feel the effects of = to be affected by
As this time of year, the area is often affected by violent storms. (the area often feels the effects of)
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odczuwać skutki
She felt dizzy and needed to sit down. / a dizzying display of acrobatics
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oszałamiający, wytrącający z równowagi, jakby ktoś się kręcił
In the world of high-rise architecture, no sooner has a dizzying new height been achieved than work starts on the next contender for that particular crown.
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take some beating
It will take some beating to build higher building in this town.
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trudno coś ulepszyć, poprawić
The new scyscraper will dwarf all those near it.
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sprawić, że inne rzeczy wydają się małe
blend in/into sth
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dopasować się
a black box with gold lettering
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napis, wytłoczenie
Sam curates an online archive, blog and burgeoning maps of hand-painted wall ads.
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nadzorować kolekcję, np w muzeum
The company hoped to profit from the burgeoning communication industry.
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rosnące, rozwijające się szybko
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maszyna do pisania
This book is an indispensable resource for researchers.
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niezbędne, konieczne
correction fluid
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Your chances of finding a typewriter repairman are ribbon-thin.
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brief (noun)
It was my brief to make sure that the facts were set down accurately.
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instrukcja, polecenie
a chunk
3 hours is quite a chunk out of my day.
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fragment, szczególnie duża część
a marble floor
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The leader was interviewed in front of a factory to give the subliminal message he was a man of the people.
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A group of young men swaggered around outside the bar.
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buńczuczyć się, pysznić się/zachowywać się arogancko
tarmac / asphalt
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nonszalancki, chełpliwy
swish (noun)
With a swish of the curtains, the stage was revealed.
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świst, szelest
rectify a problem
I am determined to take whatever action is necessary to rectify the situation.
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naprawić problem
culminate in/with
My argument with boss got worse and worse, and finally culminated in my resignation.
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osiągnąć punkt kulminacyjny
These scandals will not enhance the organization's reputation.
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poprawić (jakość, wartość)
convey a message
His poetry conveys a great sense of religious devotion.
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przekazać wiadomość, wyrażać coś
a studio apartment
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kawalerka (amerykański)
root around in
I rooted around in my handbag but couldn't find my purse.
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pull up
I pulled up my car outside the restaurant.
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zatrzymać się
The dog is snoozing in front of the car.
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drzemać, szczególnie poza swoim łóżkiem
My cat likes dozing in front of the fire.
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to kip
You can have my bed and I will kip on the sofa.
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spać, szczególnie poza domem
It's just an infatuation. She will get over it.
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extensive (od extend)
extensive research
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Students were protesting at overcrowding in the university hostels.
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She understates the amount of discrimination women suffer.
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bagatelizować, nie doceniać
baffle sb
She was completely baffled by his strange behaviour.
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zbić z tropu
She was so apologetic about / for forgetting my birthday.
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dressed in an immaculate white suit
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play sth down
Military spokespeople tried to play down the seriousness of the disaster.
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toe the line
If you want to get ahead, you had better learn to toe the line.
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podporządkować się
put out (adjective)
She was feeling extremely put out by his rudeness.
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zdenerwowany, obrażony
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a tangential issue
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poboczny, drugoplanowy
historic (important in the past)
a historic day/ moment/ building
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historyczne (ważne w przeszłości)
historical (connected with studying the past)
She specializes in historical novels set in 18th-century England.
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historyczne (związane z badaniem przeszłości)
After exchanging pleasantries, the delegation revealed the purpose of their visit.
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He broke his brother's new bike in a fit of jealousy.
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She went upstairs to beautify herself.
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cash in on sth
The parade has become very commercialized as businesses have cashed in on the 'pink poud'.
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zarobić na czymś
make all the difference
The size of the engine can make all the difference.
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wszystko zmieniać
sewage plant
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oczyszczalnia ścieków
toxic effluent
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toksyczne ścieki
carbon dioxide
Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases.
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dwutlenek węgla
Dwutlenek węgla to jeden z gazów cieplarnianych.
artificial fertilisers
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nawozy sztuczne
dumping waste
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wyrzucanie odpadów
dumping ground
Most people don't want this country to become a dumping ground for toxic waste.
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oil slick/spill
An oil slick began to spread from the ship, leaking from damaged tanks.
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wyciek oleju
forest fires
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pożary lasów
I heard his alarm clock bleeping in the morning.
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pikać, pikanie
external drive
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dysk zewnętrzny
fitness tracker
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aplikacja do fitnessu
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słuchawka 📞 telefonu
a wireless headset
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zestaw słuchawkowy
Her cell phone's switched off. I'll try her on her landline.
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telefon stacjonarny
Many cars are now fitted with satnav.
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nawigacja satelitarna
deprive sb of sth
He claimed that he had been deprived of his freedom.
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pozbawić kogoś czegoś
eye strain/ sore eyes
Children showing any symptoms of eyestrain should visit the doctor.
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zmęczenie oczu / ból oczu
high blood pressure
You have high blood pressure - it might be a problem with your heart.
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heart rate monitor
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joint pain
Due to the joint pain, patients have difficulty in moving.
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bóle stawów
minor ailments
Treat minor ailments yourself.
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drobne dolegliwości
repetitive strain injury
Office workers can suffer from work-related ill-health such as repetitive strain injury.
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uraz związany z powtarzającym się przeciążeniem mięśni i stawów
sedentary lifestyle
Most people these days lead rather sedentary lifestyle.
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siedzący tryb życia
Większość ludzi prowadzi raczej siedzący tryb życia.
withdrawal symptoms
He was suffering from all classic withdrawal symptoms associated with giving up heroin.
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objawy odstawienia
A major breakthrough in negotiations has been achieved.
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high point
The high point of a trip for me was visiting the pyramids.
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sharp rise/fall in sth
The sharp rise in unemployment is a real problem for the government.
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ostry wzrost / spadek
She beamed with delight at his remarks. / The child beamed at his teacher as he received the award.
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uśmiechnąć się
cast an eye over sth
Could you cast an eye over this report for me?
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rzucić okiem na coś
People think I'm insane because I am frowning all the time.
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marszczyć brwi
wander around
We spent the morning wandering around the old part of the city.
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bring sth in
New safety regulations has been brought in.
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wprowadzić coś
dash around
I've been dashing around all day.
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biec, spieszyć się
feed into sth
Did you feed the data into the computer?
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wprowadzać do czegoś
go on and on about sth
My date kept going on and on about his charity work, never asking what I do for a living.
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wciąż o czymś gadać
kick back
What good is life if a guy can't kick back and watch a good movie?
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zrelaksować się
tear sb away from sth
I'll bring Tim, if I can tear him away from the TV.
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oderwać kogoś od czegoś
wind sb up
She just knows how to wind me up.
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irytować kogoś
at your fingertips
He has all the latest statistics at his fingertips.
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na wyciągnięcie ręki
The course comprises a class book, a practice book and a CD.
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zawierać, składać się z
continuous assessment
Do you prefer exams or continuous assessment?
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ocenianie na bieżąco przez cały rok szkolny
(face-to-face) socialising
Face-to-face socialising is thought to be more powerful than social media in guarding against depression.
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życie towarzyskie, w realu
for hours/days on end
He used to lock himself in his bedroom for hours on end and refuse to talk to anyone.
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godzinami/dniami bez przerwy
The teacher is very genial, children like him.
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wesoły, przyjazny
in an instant
Her mood changed in an instant.
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w jednej chwili, błyskawicznie
The average human lifespan in the developed countries has increased over the last hundred years.
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żywotność, spodziewana długość życia
line sb's pockets
They're the sort of Washington politicians who would line the pockets of their Wall Street friends.
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nabijać komuś kabzę, wzbogacać kogoś
on a daily basis
I can't handle that on a daily basis.
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on an hourly basis
It is customary to pay for such work on an hourly basis for the hours worked.
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co godzinę
safe in the knowledge that
You can let kids play here, safe in the knowledge that they won't get sunburn.
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pewny tego że
stay on top of sth
I stay on top of that project and I know what's going on.
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panować nad czymś
He supplements his income by working in a bar at night.
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Some of the frontier between Germany and Poland follows the course of the river Oder.
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travel light
I like to carry my bags onto the plane, so I try to travel light.
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podróżować z małą ilością bagażu
the next frontier
Do you think that shoes and clothing with built-in technology is the next frontier?
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kolejny etap
fine lines
Daily use helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening the skin barrier.
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drobne zmarszczki
furrowed brow
Fatigue and stress quickly result in a dull complexion and furrowed brow.
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zmarszczki na czole, zmarszczone czoło
bleach your hair
Gary's had his hair bleached.
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rozjaśnić włosy
bags under the eyes
I'd been up late the night before, and I had huge bags under my eyes.
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podkrążone oczy
contact lenses
I usually wear contact lenses, but I sometimes wear glasses when my eyes are tired.
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soczewki kontaktowe
He is short, with a greying beard.
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beauty spot
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wear a wig
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nosić perukę
Peter has refused airbrushing because he felt it was inauthentic.
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They used carbon dating tests to authenticate the claim that the skeleton was two million years old.
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be in no doubt that
He is in no doubt that the government will raise the taxes.
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nie mieć wątpliwości, że
be taken in
He was taken in by this faked photo.
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zostać nabranym
doctored pictures
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spreparowane zdjęcia
He felt like an imposter among all those intelligent people, as if he had no right to be there.
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oszust, podający się za kogoś innego
swear under oath/be under oath
The judge reminded the witness that she was under oath.
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przysiąc/ być pod przysięgą
white lie
Her little white lie leaded to unforeseen complications.
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nieszkodliwe kłamstwo
role model
Sports stars are role models for thousands of youngsters.
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wzór do naśladowania
The funeral was a sombre occasion.
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McDonald was as streetwise as any of the criminals he had investigated.
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obrotny, cwany
take sth with a pinch of salt
You have to take everything she says with a pinch of salt, because she tends to exaggerate.
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wziąć coś z przymrużeniem oka
Tyler is remarkably worldly-wise for such a young girl.
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mający duże doświadczenie życiowe
pass yourself off as sb
Are you trying to pass yourself off as a migrant worker?
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podawać się za kogoś
take sb in
Several families took in foreign students.
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przyjąć kogoś pod dach
see through sb
They were very friendly, but it didn't take long to see through them.
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przejrzeć kogoś
be reunited with sb
She was finally reunited with her children after 11 years.
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ponownie spotkać się z kimś
have a flat tyre
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złapać gumę
an ill-advised career move
empezar lección
an ill-timed comment
empezar lección
nie w porę
He told lawmakers that studies from three states have shown only negligible increases in insurance premium prices.
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my long-lost cousin
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dawno niewidziany
an advertising flyer
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empezar lección
dom dziecka / sierociniec
pose for sth
I hate posing for pictures - it always feels so forced!
empezar lección
pozować do czegoś
Vegan cuisine is popular nowadays.
empezar lección
kuchnia, styl gotowania

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