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Complete the phrases
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Giving opinions; Agreeing; Partially agreeing; Disagreeing

Giving opinions
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I'm really against it. I'm in favour of...
Personally, I think, Basically, I do think

That makes sense. I see what you mean.
Exactly! Good point.

Partially agreeing
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I see your point, but... I agree to a certain extent, but...
I suppose so, Fair enough, but

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Actually I think... I'm still not convinced...
I totally disagree, I'm not so sure

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Listen to the phrases for partially agreeing and copy the intonation

I see your point, but...
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I agree to some extent, but...
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I suppose so.
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Fair enough, but...
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I'm in favour of banning smoking in all public places.
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Actually, I think people should be free to choose.

Fair enough, but what about the rights of other people?
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Personally, I think the freedom to choose is more important.

I see your point, but passive smoking can be very bad for you.
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I suppose so, but banning smoking in all places is too much!

What do you think about banning cars in the city centre?
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I'm against it. Basically, I think it's bad for business. And you?

I'm not sure. I agree to a certain extent, but I do think that it's better for the environment.
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Good point. And people could use public transports more. It makes sense.

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