words worth knowing- structure of the eye

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opaque, white covering that surronds the eye, and gives the eye its shape

clear covering in front of the pupil and the iris

lacrimal glands
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tear glands; help to nourish the cornea

circular muscles that surround the eye, contractions and relaxations help regulate light entering the eye

an opening in the eye that absorbs the light

ciliary muscles
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musles that relax and contract to change shape of the lens, adgustments are called ACCOMADATING

aqueous humor
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liquid produced by the the Anterior Chamber to clean and nourish the cornea

convex shaped disc and it is held in place by the ciliary muscles

vitreous humor
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gel like substance that surround the les to protect it

the back of the eye, contains photoreceptors that detect light

the entrance point of the optic nerve

the optic disk has no photorecepters, therefore creating a blind spot in the vision

optic nerve
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nerves that send the informationcollected by the eye to the brain

connectibe tissue that lies between the retina and the sclera

area in the center of the retina that is responsible for high acuity in the center of our vision

dimple in the retina that has 100% accurate vision because it consists only of cone cells

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