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término English
definición English

arrive at
We finally arrived at our decision.
empezar lección
to reach a decision, solution etc after a lot of effort:
chegar, atingir

Her husband had betrayed her by lying to her.
empezar lección
to behave dishonestly towards someone who loves you or trusts you
trair atraiçoar delatar

Scott has made the decision to join the navy.
empezar lección
a choice or judgment that you make
decisão arbítrio determinação firmeza

Teachers meet regularly to evaluate students’ progress.
empezar lección
to judge how good, useful, or successful something is.
avaliar estimar o valor orçar calcular

We spent a week exploring the idea of employing a new partner.
empezar lección
to consider something extensively
explorar pesquisar investigar

You should follow your principles.
empezar lección
to believe in and obey a particular set of religious or political ideas

look into
We are looking into the cause of the fire.
empezar lección
to try to find out the truth about a problem, situation, etc
investigar alguma coisa

The decision of whether to invest in new stock was postponed till the next financial year.
empezar lección
to delay doing something

The general principle is that free education should be available for children up to the age of sixteen.
empezar lección
the basic idea that a plan or system is based on

It took four days for the letter to reach me.
empezar lección
to arrive at a place
chegar, alcançar

We had to evaluate the situation before we made a decision.
empezar lección
a combination of all the things that are happening and all the conditions that exist at a particular time in a particular place.

stick to
It looks as if she's sticking to her word.
empezar lección
to do or keep doing what you said you would do or what you believe in, even when it is difficult
seguir com alguma coisa

These shoes are expensive because they are hand-made.
empezar lección
made by people using their hands, not by a machine
feito à mão

My child's birth was a life-changing moment.
empezar lección
the process or result of something or someone becoming different often because of an event, circumstance or situation
mudança de vida

He has been involved in a long- running dispute with his neighbour.
empezar lección
continuing for a long time – used especially about disputes, campaigns, or shows
longa duração, longo prazo

He's a three-day-old baby.
empezar lección
used to talk about how long a person or thing has lived or existed

three-metre high
She created a ten-metre high statue.
empezar lección
the basic unit for measuring length in the metric system, to describe the height of an object

three-year long
We've had a three-year long relationship.
empezar lección
continuing for three years

Moving house can be a time-consuming process.
empezar lección
taking a long time to do

He is well-qualified for the job.
empezar lección
having above and beyond the knowledge, experience, or skills, especially for a particular job
bem qualificado

Our dogs have never shown any aggression towards other dogs.
empezar lección
angry or violent behaviour or feelings
agressividade, agressão, ataque

Babies have very little control over their movements.
empezar lección
the power or ability to make someone or something do what you want
governo autoridade controle comando inspeção

They are demanding equality for men
empezar lección
when people have the same rights
igualdade uniformidade

I believe in fairness and justice.
empezar lección
behaviour which is reasonable, right, and accepted by most people
justiça lealdade clareza justeza formosura paridade

I'll never forget the generosity he showed towards my parents.
empezar lección
a generous attitude, or generous behaviour

I don't like him because he is motivated by greed.
empezar lección
a strong desire for more food, money, power, possessions, etc than you need
ganância cobiça avareza gula

The killers must be brought to justice.
empezar lección
the system by which people are judged in courts of law and criminals are punished

People want to feel they have some power over their future.
empezar lección
the ability to control or influence people or events
energia poder potência força

He had an aggressive attitude when he entered the room.
empezar lección
behaving in an angry or violent way towards someone
agressivo beligerante ofensivo agressivo

I had assertiveness training when I started my new role as a manager.
empezar lección
behaving confidently to make people listen to you
assertivo peremptório agressivo energético

I work in a very collaborative team.
empezar lección
to work together to produce or achieve something
cooperativo participativo

Unfortunately, she had a confrontational style of management.
empezar lección
likely to cause arguments or make people angry

The U.S. wants to establish diplomatic relations with China.
empezar lección
relating to the relationships between countries

Let me ask you a direct question.
empezar lección
saying exactly what you mean in an honest clear way
directo claro imediato evidente direto

Remember to stay focused.
empezar lección
giving all attention to a particular thing
concentrado focado compenetrado

She’s a very sensible girl
empezar lección
someone who is sensible is able to make good decisions
sensato [pessoa, decisão] sensato sensata prudente ajuizado

He was very sensitive to other people's needs.
empezar lección
a sensitive person thinks of how other people will feel about something
sensível [aos sentimentos de outros, ao frio, etc.] suscetível delicado [assunto, questão], sensível suscetível emotiva

Mark and Sally are very supportive of each other.
empezar lección
giving help or encouragement
solidário, que dá apoio compreensivo que apóia

There was no tactful way of phrasing what he wanted to say.
empezar lección
careful not to say or do something that will upset someone
diplomático, com tacto, hábil, arguto

The staff were unfriendly and unhelpful.
empezar lección
not helping in a situation and sometimes making it worse
pouco prestável [pessoa] pouco construtivo, inútil [comentário, sugestão]

a shoulder to cry on
I've had a horrible day. I need a shoulder to cry on. We did not come here to provide a shoulder to cry on.
empezar lección
someone who gives somebody sympathy when they're upset
um ombro onde chorar, Não viemos consolar uns e outros.

be there for
My parents are always there for me if I need them.
empezar lección
to be available for a person
não falhar

I wore a brand-new dress for the party.
empezar lección
new and not yet used
novo em folha

Since he's gone to the gym, he's much more broad-shouldered.
empezar lección
used to describe a person with wide shoulders
espadaúdo, de ombros largos

I was curly-haired as a child.
empezar lección
curly hair has a lot of curls
cabelo encaracolado, de cabelo cacheado

I prefer dark-haired men.
empezar lección
dark hair is brown or black and not fair

give a helping hand
My friend needs to paint her room so I'll give her a helping hand.
empezar lección
to do something to help somebody
mão amiga, ajudar

go out of way to do something
He will always go out of his way to help you.
empezar lección
to do something to help even though it's not convenient for you
desviar-se do seu caminho

Jane is getting married soon so she bought white high-heeled shoes.
empezar lección
shoes in which the heels are raised high
de salto alto

lock horns with
Jim always locks horns with people on every possible subject.
empezar lección
to be in a conflict with somebody
marrar com alguém

not lift a finger
I do all the work and Al never lifts a finger.
empezar lección
to not make any effort to help someone
não mexer uma palha

I wish I was straight-haired.
empezar lección
hair which is not curly
cabelo liso

Have you been on holiday? You are lovely and sun-tanned.
empezar lección
to have brown skin after someone with pale skin has spent time in the sun

talk behind your back
They're always talking about her behind her back.
empezar lección
to talk about someone without them knowing, especially in an unkind way
falar nas costas de alguém

She never wears baggy trousers, she loves tight-fitting jeans.
empezar lección
fits close to the body and is not loose
colante; apertado

walk all over
If you don't voice your opinion, people will walk all over you.
empezar lección
to treat someone very badly
acalcanhar {v.tr.} [fig.] (espezinhar)

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