week 9 System Modeling

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Waht is System Modeling
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The process of developing abstract models of a system, with each model presenting a different view or perspective of that system (Sommerville)
What are the 4 perspectives of a system?
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External, Interaction, Structural, Behavioral.
explain external system perspective
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External: context or environment
Explain interaction system perspective
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system-environment, component-component interactions
Explain structural system perspective
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organization of a system or the structure of the data being processed
Explain behavioural system perspective
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Behavioral: dynamic behavior of a system and how it responds to events
what tools do we have for modeling systems
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Standard modeling language for object-oriented modeling: Activity diagram, Use case diagram, Sequence diagram, Class diagram, State diagram.
What is a context model
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Early on, decide on the system boundaries, Functionality that should be included in the system, Functionality provided by the system’s environment.
What are interaction models?
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User interaction, Interaction between system developed and other system(s), Interaction between components of the system.
explain Interaction Models: Use Cases
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Model interaction between a system and external actors, A use case is a simple scenario that describes what a user expects from the system
explain Sequence Diagrams
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Model interactions between system components (possibly external agents as well), Show the sequence of interactions that take place during a particular use case.

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