Week 2 introduction2

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What are guards?
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Guards are Boolean expression used in function definitions to givealternative results dependent on the parameter values
Haskal contains guards and what other simmilar function?
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if... then... else...
how is a guard denoted?
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maxThree: Int -> Int -> Int -> IntmaxThree x y z| x >= y && x >= z = x| y >= z = y| otherwise = z
how are local definitions denoted?
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the keyword "where" eg where /n dxSq = (x1 - x2)ˆ2 /n dySq = (y1 - y2)ˆ2
CAn local definitions be used outside of the function they are defined in?
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Local definitions can only be used within the functions that theyare defined; they are “hidden” from the rest of the program.
Local definitions can be used as function parameters true or false?
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