Week 11 System Modeling

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what are Structural Models
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Display the organization of a system in terms of the components that make up that system and their relationships, Static (structure of the system design) vs Dynamic (organization of the system when it is executing).
When are class diagrams used
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Used when developing an object-oriented system model to show the classes in a system and the associations between these classes
Explain Association within class diagrams
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Association is a relationship between classifiers which is used to show that instances of classifiers could be either linked to each other or combined logically or physically into some aggregation
Explain generalisation in class diagrams
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a relationship in which one model element (the child) is based on another model element (the parent).
explain aggregation in class diagrams
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is a specialised form of Association where all objects have their own lifecycle, but there is ownership and child objects can not belong to another parent object.
what are behavioural models?
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Model the dynamic behaviour of the system as it is executing, Data arrives that has to be processed by the system, Event happens that triggers systems processing.
What is Data-Driven Modeling
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Show the sequence of actions involved in processing data and generating an associated output: Sequence diagrams, Activity diagrams, Data-flow diagrams.
What is Event-Driven Modeling
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Show how a system responds to external and internal events
what is Model-Driven Engineering
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Approach to software development where models rather than programs are the principal outputs of the development process, The programs that execute are then generated automatically from the models.
what are the bennefits of Model-Driven Engineering
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No concern for implementation details, Reduces likelihood of errors, Speeds up the design and implementation process, Allows for the creation of reusable application models.
what are the dissadvantages of Model-Driven Engineering
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The abstractions are not always the right abstractions for the implementation

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