verbs followed by -ing

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verb -ing (a... d)
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admit, avoid, consider, denay
She admitted making a mistake. I try to avoid going shopping on Saturdays. We're considering selling the house. Neil denies breaking the window.
zająć się
To start doing an activity as hobby
Ostatnio zająłem się joga
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take up
To start doing an activity as hobby
I've recently take up yoga
verb -ing (e... g)
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enjoy, fancy, finish, give up = stop
I enjoy meeting people and seeing new places. I didn't fancy swimming in that water. Have you finished reading that magazine? I've given up reading newspapers.
verb -ing (i... m)
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imagine, involve, (keep (on))=continue doing, mind
I can't imagine George riding a motorbike. The operation involves putting a small tube into your heart. He keeps trying to distract me. I don't mind having a dog in the house
verb -ing (p... r)
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postpone, practise, put off, risk
It wouldn't do any good to postpone making the decision. I can't put off going to the dentist any longer. His written French is very good but he needs to practise speaking it. It's always a risk starting up a new business.
prep. followed by - ing
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about, at, for, in, instead of, in spite of, of, with
prep. followed by -ing (special)
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before, after, by, without
before, after (both options possible)
You can improve your English by reading more. We run ten km without stoping

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